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Our Commitment

We Are Committed to The Needs of Our Customers.

Client Commitment

We genuinely understand the importance of listening and placing your needs first. We also offer over 200 articles packed with thorough product reviews, consumer insight, and more information for you to access – right here on our website!

Quoting Commitment

Our quotes are detailed, and we can provide pricing options as needed. We also don’t recommend or push things that are not needed or wanted by our clients!

Production Commitment

We recognize the importance of keeping the work areas clean, being courteous, on-time, and on-budget during production.

Communication Commitment

A significant part of us providing excellent customer care involves excellent communication while also offering complete business transparency.

Partner/ Sales Manager

Ryan Faircloth

Sale/ Productions Manager

Courtney Ray

Our Story

A Local & Trusted Company

Built From the Ground Up. ​

2004 When We Started

We are not a franchise. A Touch of Color is genuinely an expert general contractor that provides several services. Our first and most important goal is to provide premium service.

Part of our success stems from us recognizing that goal very early.

2006 Growing Our Services

We started off primarily offering painting services, but that didn’t last long! Many of our clients needed additional services that directly related to painting.

Only after our second year, we decided to offer additional services such as siding and exterior trim replacement.

2012 Service Awards

At this time, the business started to take significant form. During this time is when we first began to receive top-rated service awards from multiple avenues.

We currently have 5-star reviews just about everywhere!

2020 General Contracting License

After getting proper licensing from the North Carolina Licensing Board for general contactors, we aimed to improve the experience of our clients by offering even more services.

We are a local and licensed contractor that can handle your entire project from start to finish!

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