A Touch of Color Warranty

At A Touch of Color Painting, we stand behind our promise. We don’t fill our clients with empty promises; we put our guarantees in writing. We are certain that our professional craftsmanship is worthy of backing up with a written warranty. A Touch of Color guarantees quality that will last. We are a contractor that you simply can’t go wrong with. We have an average rate of 98% in customer referrals, so you can rest assured that when you contract with A Touch of Color, you are in good hands.

General Information

Our warranty terms vary from 0 to 5 years depending on the service provided. The warranty terms are written within our contracts, so the length of the warranty will always be clear. The number of years offered depends on the task but most importantly, which products and application methods you have contracted. Pre-existing damages or problematic applications are also factors in warranty terms. The warranty goes into effect two days after completion and is over after the contracted term of warranty, as dated on your contract. Other warranty details will be delivered upon appointment.


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