Why Choose A Touch of Color

When you are past the planning and budgeting stage, and you are ready to hire, we know that it can be a hard decision to make. All contractors say that we are great! Right?

The real question is, who can prove it? Or, better yet, which contractor has an excellent track record, by illustrating experience and providing exceptional craftsmanship? 

We appreciate the opportunity to work with such genuinely amazing people. We always, say “we are building a brand one relationship at a time”! Before the internet was around, contractors would bring a portfolio to show clients examples of their work. Take a spin through the project gallery We enjoy sharing our accomplishments through social media, blogs, and photo galleries! 

An Expert Contractor

Are you wondering what makes a contractor legitimate?

1) A contractor must stay true to who they say they are. No empty promises that make them sound supreme or more significant than they are.

2) They must do what they say they are going to do and be willing to put it all in writing: no firm handshakes, fast-talking, or concentrated looks in the eye. 

4) Finally, a proven consistent history of service and satisfaction seals the deal.

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