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The Ultimate Siding Replacement Checklist

As the weather changes, many homeowners consider ways to maximize home efficiency. Exterior siding surfaces are the first defense against weather. These areas may require attention before considering efficiency improvements elsewhere. Damaged siding or siding that is not adequately sealed can drastically increase utility expenses and depreciate the home’s overall value. But inclement weather can add a layer of difficulty in addressing your siding replacement needs. If you are considering a siding installation contractor, do not let money or time halt initiating the process. Continue reading our short checklists below to learn more!

Masonite Siding Replacement

You may wonder what type of siding deems necessary replacement? Masonite siding is a name that almost everyone recognizes. As this type of siding ages, it is prone to several potential problems. Here is a short-list of issues, to name a few!

  • Most installations are faced-nailed, causing nail holes to wick water.
  • The composition is particle board of which is not insect resistant.
  • Masonite siding easily buckles and delaminates over-time.

The Benefits of New Siding Installation

One of the costliest yet rewarding expenses is exterior home improvements and renovations. The most impactful decision is to what extent you wish to improve or simply put, the project’s size. Likely among your considerations will be siding installation. Determining better siding options is always best made with an informed decision. Let us run through a few quick details!

Which Siding Should You Choose?

Just to be clear, we do not intend to decide for you. However, before confirming a decision, there are some things to consider before contracting a siding installation project.

  • How does the siding rate on efficiency?
  • How easily or often is its maintenance?
  • Does it aesthetically complement surrounding homes?
  • How will it increase the value of your home for resale purposes?

The answers to these four questions will help narrow down the specific siding that is the best fitting.

Renowned Fiber Cement Siding

There are roughly three major fiber cement siding manufacturers in the industry! James Hardie is one of the most well-known and is understood as an industry leader. Furthermore, James Hardie offers several different color options based on their ColorPlus® Technology. With these options, colors can be chosen to fit in nicely with the neighborhood and scale up the curb appeal. 

Most importantly, fiber cement siding has a reputation for its performance and durability and addresses the need for efficiency and maintenance.  Fiber cement siding brings a lot of additional benefits. Here is a list of its advantages.

  • Increases a home’s value, not only in the short term but for many years to come. 
  • The siding is pest and water-resistant.
  •  The color technology provides optimal color retention. 
  • It’s relatively easy to install and versatile. 
  • Fiber cement could invoke insurance savings due to its ability to withstand hail damage and its non-combustible. 
  • Then to add to it all are the excellent warranties.

Setting Expectations for Siding Companies

In many ways choosing the best siding can be daunting. But perhaps the most convoluted is choosing siding contractors that are certified and guarantee professional installation. When researching siding, installers look for companies that have the following attributes.

  • An Outstanding Reputation
  • Experienced and Certified Siding Installers 
  • Offer Detailed Labor Warranties
  • Install Products that Properly Honor Warranty Requests

Choosing us for your siding replacement needs will ensure all your installation expectations are met and exceeded. We offer wood repairs, complete siding installations, painting, and so much more! For your project, there is only one contractor needed, and that is A Touch of Color Painting & General Contracting LLC of Raleigh, NC! Call us today! 919-426-4928

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