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A House Painting Secret That Could Save Thousands

House painting is a necessary expense that can also be rewarding. Some homeowners think they can do it themselves. There are a few do-it-yourselfers who dare attempt minor touch-ups and ground-level jobs. 

On the other hand, others may regard any form of painting as a task for a professional. Whichever side you find yourself are on, most will agree that house painting is not an easily welcomed expense. But there is excellent news ahead within this article.

We will reveal a few inside house painting tips that may leave the next painter you hire astounded! This one house painting secret could potentially lower the cost of your next house painting project by thousands!

Exterior Home Painting & Brushing Labor Expense 

We have been in business for almost 20 years! Man, how time flies! Some of our staffed painters have been painting residential homes for over 15 years. When offering a professional service, there is a lot to know and remember, but frankly, there is also a lot forgotten. 

Spraying is especially advantageous in reducing labor costs. Most modern exterior painting applications involve spraying siding, shutters, and applicable trim. Doors, windows, and other trim are typically brushed. 

In some cases, for ultimate durability, homes need paint to be applied with a brush. As a quick reference, lap siding that is delaminating is better painted with a brush to salvage and provide extended durability. In this case, brush painting will inevitably buy more time, consequently preventing immediate siding replacement. 

Brushing a home requires 2/3 more labor than spraying. In most cases, brushing will cost more money regardless of the application or circumstance, but there is a way to reduce brushing costs. 

Now that you understand that spraying is less expensive, you can mitigate costs by combining the two applications in many ways. One way is by brushing the first coat and spraying the second. The second option is a painting secrete that may sock your painter – it is a process referred to as back-brushing. 

Back brushing is a process in which the paint is first sprayed and immediately brushed before the paint has a chance to dry. Back brushing offers the same result but will save your painter time.

If you consider brushing your home, mention back-brushing; it will likely send the painter for a loop. 

Interior Home Painting & Brushing Labor Expense 

It would not be fair to have an exterior tip and not include one for interior painting. 

Spraying interior doors, baseboards, bookshelves, and other trim is extraordinarily invasive and will likely require homeowners to vacate during the commencement of work. However, when possible, we advise clients to take full advantage of spraying the trim within their homes. 

Spraying interior trim looks impressive, leaving a uniform coat that will completely eradicate brush strokes. Understanding that not all interior house painting projects deem this form of application, we have an interior brushing tip that is especially useful when brushing doors. 

With more paints becoming low or zero VOC, they consequently dry much faster, resulting in more pronounced brush strokes. So, as surfaces get painted more quickly, the less obtrusive brush marks become. 

Assuming spraying is not possible, ask your next painter to use a foam roller to apply the paint to the door and then quickly and uniformly back-brush the door. A combination of rolling and back-brushing doors will save time and reduce brush marks, offering a more uniform paint finish. 

As a recommendation, make sure your local house painters are familiar with back-brushing and have experience doing so. Otherwise, it could turn out to be disastrous. It is worth reiterating that back brushing must happen quickly, not allowing the paint to initiate the drying process. 

There are so many skills, tricks of the trade, product knowledge, and other things to know and retain in the home painting business.

Contact your local Raleigh home painters of A Touch of Color Painting & General Contracting LLC. We offer the results and expertise that provide quality results, all while eliminating unnecessary costs! 

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