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How Will Pollen Affect Your Home Painting Project

Some of the most frequently asked questions during spring are questions regarding how pollen will affect exterior house painting.

Many homeowners getting exterior painting estimates or hiring exterior painters are questioning whether to paint now or postpone the project until the pollen ends. Here we will help with your decision making.

It’s no surprise that homeowners would rather not deal with the pollen. So, what’s the alternative? When you contemplate whether to paint the exterior of your home, the temperature should also be considered.

Windows and doors have to be opened if they’re being painted. Do pollen and weather weigh heavily in your decision making? If so, the months when both pollen and temperatures are moderate is the ideal time.

Pollen Affects Home vs Homeowner

Pollen has no real effect on exterior painting applications. Cases where pollen could affect exterior painting results, are areas of the home with an extremely high pollen buildup. Areas of potential pollen buildup are typically located around window sills and door jams.

Extreme pollen counts could affect paint adhesion. However, if the area is cleaned thoroughly with a dust brush or cloth, the problem is quickly alleviated. If the pollen is at high levels, you should ask your contractor to pressure wash closer to the day of application. This way, the home will be relieved from current build-up and not allow time for potential threats.

Pollen will not affect the finish, color, or durability of the paint film. The ultimate question is how it will affect you? Is the pollen so heavy that perhaps too much will enter your home? If you wait until summer, will the temperatures be too hot for your comfort? These are questions that only you can answer.

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