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The Innovation & Changes of Two Major Paint Brands

Here in 2012, several changes and additions have been made to both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint lines. Zero VOC and raw material cost seem to be the most significant changes. Zero VOC paints have become more plentiful, and the price for these products has significantly declined.

Sherwin Williams Changes

Sherwin Williams has finally wised up. They are introducing their water-based tinting system. 

Innovation is always great news for both homeowners and painting contractors. This new introduction will significantly increase the performance of many products. 

It will decrease the likelihood of hatbanding and make many of the Zero VOC product lines truly zero VOC. 

Sherwin William’s new tinting introduction establishes more competition for the Zero VOC leader Benjamin Moore. As house painting contractors, we hope that the competition will hold some of the recent price increases from both companies.

Benjamin Moore Changes

Benjamin Moore paints have introduced a few changes as well. They have introduced a new product at a great price point. The new product is called Ultra Spec. 

Benjamin Moore used to be identified as a high-end clientele based product. Now they also have wised up and introduced more competitively priced products for house painting. 

There is not much of an argument when asked which paint manufacturer provides paint containing excellent raw materials and allows for great application – Benjamin Moore is at the top of that list every time.

Painting is finally truly becoming more Green and less of a health risk. What great news for both painters and our environment. We are happy to see the change.

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