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The Approach of Benjamin Moore Paints

Many refer to Benjamin Moore, as the “mom and pop” brand among interior and exterior house paints. In our experience, most Benjamin Moore stores do have a slight mom and pop feel to them. Which is not a bad thing! They are a smaller national brand by comparison to others. Some also use the term “premium bucket and brush paint.” Benjamin Moore’s slogan is “paint like no other.” Whichever term you may or may not be familiar with, the suggestions are all the same. They are all testaments to the quality of the brand. Many contractors say Benjamin Moore paint makes their jobs easier. After over 13 years in business, when we use a high-end Benjamin Moore interior ceiling, wall, or trim paint, we are still amazed by how effortlessly it applies.

For us what sets them apart is their focus, which seems to cater directly to who we are. Based on their catalog alone you can tell. Benjamin Moore is highly focused on producing exceptional paint. They place the production of quality paint in front of new construction, low-end, and price point products. Some others heavily structure themselves around new construction-typically because new construction yields higher gross profits and is easily scaled. As a custom residential re-paint focused painting contractor, we have firsthand experience with Benjamin Moore products. Since we offer warranties and a total professional experience-we rely heavily on quality products. We like Benjamin Moore for several reasons. Here are just a few.

1) Mining Their Own Raw Materials

  • This allows the brand to maintain quality control from start to finish.

2) Making Products That Are Extremely Easy to Apply

  • Interior paint doesn’t spatter while applying. This allows for an extremely clean work area, keeping both the painter and drop cloths free of paint.
  • Interior and exterior products don’t create a cloud of heavy overspray while spraying. This helps mitigate, spraying with control, cleanliness, and paint consumption.
  • Interior paints don’t flash. Benjamin Moore interior (satin/eggshell/ low luster) finishes don’t show drywall patches or roller lap marks. Meaning for rooms that require several small drywall patches, the shine will be uniform and even without any dulled areas (also known as flashing). No extra processes or products needed.
  •  Interior paint doesn’t hat-band (also referred to as picture frame). This is seen as a line around the tops and corners of interior walls where the roller couldn’t reach.
  • Interior finishes hold original luster longer in comparison to several other manufacturers. Interior finishes also retain their natural color.
    Exterior satin paint can be brushed without visible brush strokes or lap marks. Great for siding hand brushing applications.
  • Interior and exterior white trim paint have exceptional coverage. This helps with labor and paint consumption.

3) Research and Development

  • They have drastically improved adhesion properties, especially in the interior Regal Select line.
  • Light reflection values are determined for all Benjamin Moore colors.

Why do some homeowners/contractors choose other brands for their homes or to put in their buckets? Price used to be an issue for Benjamin Moore. Not as true for them today. In today’s market if you want good paint-depending on your location $30 -$40 is a good starting price. The truth is, Benjamin Moore simply doesn’t have the market share that some larger companies have. They don’t have the branding nor as many locations. Therefore, some painters simply don’t have the exposure, and to be fair not all painters are in a market that calls for or will budget high-end paint.

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