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Benefits of Benjamin Moore Regal Paint for Raleigh HomeWith another week of house painting product reviews, we would like to share our experiences with Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select. With new stringent regulations that will soon take place, covering both interior and exterior paints; manufacturers are slowly reformulating to low VOC (less than 50 grams) or zero VOC paints! Benjamin Moore’s Regal product line is one of many products that have gone under reconstruction with a newly found Regal Select!

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select hit a home run when it was first introduced. The adverting strategies were mostly geared towards the fact of it being a zero VOC product. The Select also added improved adhesion properties to the formula. We find these efforts mostly geared towards a competitor, Behr which claims a self-priming interior product. Along with a new formula and label came a few additional changes. These changes took a once top performing interior house paint and turned it into a product that now performs less than average.

Downsides to this newly created product are mostly found in semi-gloss finishes. In efforts to counteract a fast drying (low open time) paint, the consistency of the paint is now a lot thinner. However, the efforts did not help much. We found this product to dry too fast! As a result, this product did not level very well. Select reveals unsightly brush strokes that result in a below average finish. If additives that will extend open time add with a paint of this consistency, painters are at a loss for coverage. Benjamin Moore is known for producing smooth none spattering paint that levels, covers and contains a resin that is in a class of its own. Unfortunately, Regal Select Interior has fallen short of what is expected from Benjamin Moore Paints. In conclusion, the Regal Classic is still the best interior paint that Benjamin Moore has created!

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