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Benjamin Moore the Best House Paint for Your Project?

At A Touch of Color Paint Company, we want to make sure we are always giving you the best quality paint job we can give. That’s why one of the brands we suggest is Benjamin Moore Paint.

This award-winning brand is known for its quality and a wide variety of available forms of paint. Their paints have low odor and have low volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are solvents that go into the air and cause headaches and dizziness.

All of Benjamin Moore paint’s are known for their durability and smooth application. They offer an endless variety of colors for all areas of your Raleigh home, inside and outside. Here are the various interior and exterior lines of Benjamin Moore paints that A Touch Of Color Painting uses on their projects:

Interior Paint Offered by Benjamin Moore

Aura Interior Paint

This kind of interior paint is guaranteed to keep its true color over long periods of time. It has a rich, thick quality that makes it extremely durable. It’s able to go on your walls with no more than two coats of paint. It also does not rub off after repeated washing and heavy wear and tear. Aura paint comes in matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss sheen. It also has a mildew-resistant coating.

Aura Kitchen & Bath Paint

Aura Kitchen & Bath goes on easy and smooth. It can withstand humid conditions without allowing mildew to grow. It self-primes on a variety of surfaces and keeps its color through years of wear. It is available in thousands of different color choices so you can customize your Raleigh home however you want.

Natura Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Natura Paint has been awarded the most environmentally friendly paint by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This kind of paint has no VOCs. It comes in an eggshell, flat and semi-gloss sheen. It has almost no odor and is best suited for walls, ceilings, and interior plaster.

Regal Interior Paint

Regal Interior Paint consists of Regal Select and Regal Classic. They both offer a wide variety of sheens, and they have a smooth application that allows for a longer-lasting paint job. Regal Paint is washable, fade-resistant, and even mildew resistant. It goes on walls smoothly and is able to cover any imperfections for a uniform finish.

ben Interior Paint

This line of Benjamin Moore paint is the most inexpensive. It comes in a flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss sheen. It is the most user-friendly paint because it is still such a high-quality paint with many color options, but it comes at a lower price than other Benjamin Moore lines.

ADVANCE Interior Paint

ADVANCE Interior Paint is an emulsified oil paint that provides thorough coverage for interior trim work.  It hides any imperfections in your woodwork it goes on smooth and makes it easy to apply touch-ups. It comes in thousands of colors and is easy to apply. It comes in a primer, matte, and a variety of gloss sheens.

Exterior Paint Offered by Benjamin Moore

Aura Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior Paint is extremely durable, able to withstand weathering and age. It can hide imperfections and cover surfaces in only a few coats. This line of paint dries quickly and is mildew resistant. It comes in flat and several levels of gloss sheen. On top of all that, it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

ben Exterior Paint

This line of paint can transform your outdoor space in a more affordable way than other lines of Benjamin Moore paint. It provides smooth coverage and is resistant to peeling, cracking, and blistering. This line of paint comes is known for its color retention and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Regal Select Exterior Paint

Regal Select Exterior Paints are able to cover your most unique surfaces with a smooth, perfect finish. Its durable finish prevents any weathering from outdoor circumstances, including fading, cracking, and peeling. It is mildew resistant and comes in a flat finish as well as several gloss sheen varieties.

Raleigh Home Painted & Using the Best Paint

With over 15 years of experience for each of our painters, we offer the professionalism and quality that cannot be matched! Our experts at A Touch of Color Painting are on hand for a free color consultation to help you pick the best color for your Raleigh area house painting project. We provide interior painting and exterior painting services to the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and Chapel Hill areas. Please view our portfolio and contact us today with questions or to receive a free estimate: 919-426-4928!

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