Arm your home with the best primer for interior and exterior home painting projects. A Touch of Color Painting recommends BIN by Zinsser to the Raleigh area.A Touch of Color Painting has always put a huge emphasis on the importance of using quality painting products. As a painting contractor, we share the importance of optimal applications too!  What is the importance of quality primers? In order to achieve outstanding paint coatings, high-quality interior and exterior primers are also necessary. Here we are going to share some of the best primers on the market.

Primed and Ready: The Best Paint Prep

Primers are just as important as the paints used for the final coat. The basic functions of primer are essentially adhesion, coverage, and stain blocking or sealing. There are several primers that server only a few or even one of these purposes. In most cases, oil based primers are the most diverse. Oil primers provide great adhesion, help with coverage and provide some stain blocking qualities.

We have found Zinsser to be a high-quality primer manufacturer. Their water-based latex primer contains over 53% solids. This particular product is great for interior and exterior painting preparations. It is an exceptional adhesion primer for raw wood applications. However, we find that it has few stain blocking characteristics. In comparison, the shellac based primer provides superior stain blocking characteristics. The shellac based product performed even better than other competing oil based products. In fact, we found it to be the only primer that completely blocks water stains. The only stains that are almost impossible to block are sap stains from wood knots.