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A Short Version of Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Steps

We follow a cabinet refinishing process that ensures a high-quality end result with the least possible amount of disruption to your day-to-day life.

Our comprehensive site preparation procedures ensure that the rest of your kitchen fixtures are protected from dust and paint splatters or overspray.

Once our preparations are complete, our crew removes the cabinet doors, carefully preserving all hardware that will remain after the project is complete.

Depending on the start and end products, we use the appropriate sanding materials to remove the old finish and apply the new to the doors, drawer faces, and all elements that are affixed to your walls.

When the work is completed and the new finish has dried and set, we rehang the doors, add the desired hardware, and meticulously clean up.

Our painters are known for high customer service values. During every project, we do everything in our power to respect your home, maintain open communication about any issues that may delay
the completion of the work, and leave your kitchen better than we found it.

Benefits of Professional Cabinet Refinishing

If you’ve ever tackled a DIY project in your kitchen, you know how painful it is to have the kitchen under construction. You end up eating way too much takeout, and your family misses its usual gathering spot. You
feel like you can’t have any guests in your home until the job is complete. The dirt and dust get tracked everywhere. Having your kitchen out of service is draining, and it begins to feel like a nightmare.

We start every cabinet refinishing project with a free consultation to assess your kitchen’s needs and provide an accurate cost quote. As professional painters, we test all the latest products to ensure we’re using the best finishes that stand the tests of time. When it’s time to start the work, we do everything in our power to get in, do high-quality work, and get out as quickly as possible. We use a lacquer finish that requires fewer coats and dries faster than traditional paint, cutting down on the time it takes to complete the refinishing project. Our extensive prep work helps to reduce the time it takes to clean up at the end of the job, ensuring that we leave your kitchen better than we found it. Every project includes a five-year warranty—no questions asked.

If you’re doing a complete kitchen makeover, we can bundle other painting work with cabinet refinishing to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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