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Emerald Exterior Paint by Sherwin-Williams Initial Review Emerald exterior house paint is a new product line introduced by Sherwin-Williams. It is among one of the few exterior home paints that are zero VOC. However, there are other less mainstream products that are zero VOC as well. As always stated by us, exterior house painting preparations…

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Choosing Exterior House Paint with Confidence The paint that you have on the outside of your home is starting to blister, peel or fade. Guess it’s that time of year again? Time to paint the exterior of your home. Now that you think about it, you feel like you just painted your home only a…


Choosing Exterior Paint, Painters & Colors Don’t be that neighbor. You know…the one that everyone points to after gasping loudly. Let’s choose the right exterior paint and colors. But not because everyone is looking and judging your home. Do it for the sake of maintaining your home properly and knowing that proper maintenance will save…

Explaining Interior and Exterior Paint Differences Have you come to terms with your home’s interior or exterior needing a fresh coat of paint? Maybe you want to spruce the interior by painting the kitchen cabinets white? Or, how about a gray wall color for the living room? Or maybe you’re thinking of something bigger: repainting…

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Quality Interior House Paint for Bathrooms What is the best interior house paint for bathrooms? A new coat of paint is sometimes all a room needs for a fresh, updated look. With a bathroom, though, you have to think not only about your color choice. You also need interior paint that resists mildew and mold….


A Guide for Different House Paint Finishes Choosing the right house paint can be complicated. Whether you’ve just moved into your new place or you’ve been living there a while and feel like a change, picking the right paint finish is very important. Outside of paint finishes, paint colors can send you for a loop…


Interior House Painting & Air Quality If you’ve ever been in a freshly painted space, chances are you’ll remember the distinct smell. The familiar, strong “new paint smell”, is more often than not caused by harmful VOCs in your painting products. VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are carbon-based chemicals that readily evaporate from liquids to gases…


Benjamin Moore the Best House Paint for Your Project? At A Touch of Color Paint Company, we want to make sure we are always giving you the best quality paint job we can give. That’s why one of the brands we suggest is Benjamin Moore Paint. This award-winning brand is known for its quality and a…


The Best Local Top 5 Exterior House Paints Choosing the best exterior paint for your home can be difficult. Most homeowners revert to paint manufacturers’ websites and painting contractors for influence. Others make selections based on product reviews, not realizing that most reviews are actually paid advertisements. Paint Manufacturer Sites Paint manufacturers leverage their websites…


Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process When it comes to interior painting projects, there is no single project that is more labor-intensive than cabinet refinishing. Interior cabinet refinishing requires a lot of time, skill, and product knowledge to professionally refinish cabinets. On the other hand, refinishing cabinets is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to even some…

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