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Interior and Exterior Paint Color Trends A Touch of Color Painting LLC would like to share the most popular color use this year. This color was popular for interior and exterior house painting. There was a huge combination of colors that we used for both interior and exterior house painting projects. The majority of our…


Color trends are always a hot topic when considering interior painting. There are several avenues to stay current with interior designs and color schemes. We will share the top interior colors used by A Touch of Color Painters for 2013. If you’re a painter, homeowner or business you may be surprised with the new trends….


Are you looking for a local painter to spruce up the interior or exterior of your home? Do you have trouble making confident decisions with colors?  If so, you may want to purchase a fan deck! With a fan deck, you will have all the interior and exterior colors that a paint supplier has to…


At A Touch of Color Painting in Raleigh, NC we consider exterior painting an investment. It is an investment that should last a long time. The fact is, some paint coatings will last longer than others. Choosing the best painting products and contracting professional exterior painters directly impact quality. However, there are other factors to…


There are several tools available to help guide you to the perfect color selection. There are exterior color visualizer’s that allow you to upload photographs of your home. There are fan decks and color swatches that supply examples of colors. You can even purchase interior paint samples to apply. All will help while you’re in…


There is no doubt that the most current interior color trends include an array of gray tones. Gray has several color options. In fact, it has one of the widest selections of all neutral colors. Narrowing your colors, ideas and inspiration down to one confident choice maybe a little harder than you thought. What if…


One of our most commonly painted colors is blue. Whether it’s incorporated in exterior painting or interior it is a commonly used color. Let’s  see how blue could affect the overall feel of your interior bedroom, bathrooms, and common areas! Blue is one of the most natural of all colors. It is often a reminder…


Most people associate interior neutral colors with browns and grays. These selections of colors are often referred to as “earth tones.” However, there are other colors that are in the earth tone family. Here we are going to take a look at green for an interior wall color. How could this color influence the decor…


There are several interior neutral paint color choices available in many color pallets. Sherwin-Williams offers a wide selection of colors. This selection includes Whole Wheat, Urban Putty, Macadamia and many other earth toned colors. Benjamin Moore provides an even larger variety of neutrals with their most popular historic colors, such as Wheeling Neutral and much…


There are several colors that are considered bright and energetic. However, the most common interior paint colors that are identified as energetic are yellow and orange. We believe there are specific areas that these colors should be placed within an interior paint scheme and we are going to tell you where. Yellow is the happy…

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