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Quality Interior House Paint for Bathrooms What is the best interior house paint for bathrooms? A new coat of paint is sometimes all a room needs for a fresh, updated look. With a bathroom, though, you have to think not only about your color choice. You also need an interior paint that resists mildew and…

Interior House Painting & Air Quality If you’ve ever been in a freshly painted space, chances are you’ll remember the distinct smell. The familiar, strong “new paint smell”, is more often than not caused by harmful VOCs in your painting products. VOCs, volatile organic compound, are carbon-based chemicals that readily evaporate from liquids to gases…


Sherwin-Williams Promar 200 interior house paint offers a new price point for homeowners and painting contractors. Promar 200 has now gone from a regional interior paint to a national product. Promar 200 contains a wide variety of colors and offers a zero VOC option. A Touch of Color Painting finds Promar 200 (zero VOC) to…


With another week of house painting product reviews, we would like to share our experiences with Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select. With new stringent regulations that will soon take place, covering both interior and exterior paints; manufacturers are slowly reformulating to low VOC (less than 50 grams) or zero VOC paints! Benjamin Moore’s Regal product line…


A zero VOC exterior house paint is finally here! Most zero VOC paints are geared towards interior painting applications. In fact, many contractors’ opinions are dated on the importance of zero VOC paints altogether. They ask… an exterior zero VOC paint? For what? A Touch of Color Painting is proud to help introduce an innovative…


Painting giants Sherwin Williams and Behr have changed from oil tints to a zero-VOC water-based tinting system. Both companies have introduced the systems here in the summer of 2012. This new system provides an eco-friendly painting application for both house painting contractors and homeowners. The system was first introduced by Benjamin Moore. The only drawback…


Is Your Raleigh Interior Painting Contractor Really Eco-Friendly? As a consumer, you must do your homework. Just because your painting contractor belongs to an organization and uses the term “Green,” that does not mean they are who they claim. Generally, when talking about eco-friendly painting, most homeowners automatically think painting products. Green paints are a…


Benjamin Moore Interior Ultra Spec Here in 2012, there have been several changes and additions to both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint lines. Zero VOC and raw material cost seem to be the biggest changes. Zero VOC paints have become more plentiful and the price for these products has significantly declined. Sherwin Williams has…

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