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Exterior painters often have a product of choice. Some products are more commonly used in certain regions of the US. Interior painters also have products that are preferred. At A Touch of Color Painting, we don’t stick to a particular brand, we aim for efficient, high-quality results. Let’s take a look at the Sherwin-Williams Emerald…


Benjamin Moore Advance is a high end, quality interior waterborne Alkyd. This interior paint still holds true to using an oil resin but the product is emulsified enough for complete water clean-up. This product is a true oil based product with virtually no VOC’s. Here we will give you our take on the product! Benjamin…


So, what does it mean to hire a full-service interior or exterior painting contractor? What are the advantages? And how do you know if the company that you are hiring is actually a full-service provider? Here we will explain what it really means to be a full-service Raleigh, NC painting contractor. A common mistake is…


There are several tools available to help guide you to the perfect color selection. There are exterior color visualizer’s that allow you to upload photographs of your home. There are fan decks and color swatches that supply examples of colors. You can even purchase interior paint samples to apply. All will help while you’re in…


A Touch of Color Painting has always put a huge emphasis on the importance of using quality painting products. As a painting contractor, we share the importance of optimal applications too!  What is the importance of quality primers? In order to achieve outstanding paint coatings, high-quality interior and exterior primers are also necessary. Here we…


There is no doubt that the most current interior color trends include an array of gray tones. Gray has several color options. In fact, it has one of the widest selections of all neutral colors. Narrowing your colors, ideas and inspiration down to one confident choice maybe a little harder than you thought. What if…


One of our most commonly painted colors is blue. Whether it’s incorporated in exterior painting or interior it is a commonly used color. Let’s  see how blue could affect the overall feel of your interior bedroom, bathrooms, and common areas! Blue is one of the most natural of all colors. It is often a reminder…


Most people associate interior neutral colors with browns and grays. These selections of colors are often referred to as “earth tones.” However, there are other colors that are in the earth tone family. Here we are going to take a look at green for an interior wall color. How could this color influence the decor…


With the use of several ambiguous terms and verbiage to describe both interior and exterior house paints, it’s no surprise that consumers often don’t understand what they are buying. Here, we are going to explain the difference between Latex and enamel paints. The contents within paints typically are determined by the advertising label. But is…


Interior and exterior paint storage are much more important than most think. Often forgotten, some paints are flammable and most are hazardous! Storing extra paint from previous painting projects correctly will save time and money. Storing house paint correctly will also allow seamless touch-ups and save both you and your house painting contractor time and…

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