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There are several interior neutral paint color choices available in many color pallets. Sherwin-Williams offers a wide selection of colors. This selection includes Whole Wheat, Urban Putty, Macadamia and many other earth toned colors. Benjamin Moore provides an even larger variety of neutrals with their most popular historic colors, such as Wheeling Neutral and much…


There are several colors that are considered bright and energetic. However, the most common interior paint colors that are identified as energetic are yellow and orange. We believe there are specific areas that these colors should be placed within an interior paint scheme and we are going to tell you where. Yellow is the happy…


Every morning we wake up, our moods are affected by rest, health, sunlight, texture and even color. Most families are not aware of just how much interior paint colors actually affect our overall behavior and energy levels. There are studies that prove that when our eyes are connected with color there are chemicals that are…


Here at A Touch of Color Painting of Raleigh, NC, we have gotten a lot of questions regarding interior painting procedures and product. Whether it’s about bedroom painting, kitchen or bath, the questions are generally the same. However, the most commonly asked question is….why antimicrobial paint? Well, here are the pluses to painting with antimicrobial…


The use of premium caulking is an important part of painting preparations that is often overlooked by several painting contractors! Others may argue that good caulking is just as important as good paint. We believe that professional preparations are equally important for both interior and exterior painting. The use of good caulking is extremely important…


A question that our potential clients often ask is, which finish is more durable, flat or satin? Or, which is better satin or flat? So, we have decided to briefly explain, in simple terms, the differences between flat exterior paint and other finishes. Most importantly, we want to demonstrate how sheen effects the durability of exterior…


We have started to notice a slight variation in Raleigh house painting trends. We felt compelled to share the changes in color selections we as Raleigh Painters have experienced. Here in the past few years, we have started to see a slight change in paint color choices and layouts. There seems to be an increase…


Exterior House Paint for Your Raleigh Home The EPA is making an effort to increase the regulations on paint manufacturers in years to come. These regulations usually give the paint suppliers another excuse to increase prices. The regulations also put more weight on suppliers. In return, we hope to see the release of quality products. What to…


Benjamin Moore Interior Ultra Spec Here in 2012, there have been several changes and additions to both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint lines. Zero VOC and raw material cost seem to be the biggest changes. Zero VOC paints have become more plentiful and the price for these products has significantly declined. Sherwin Williams has…

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