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Lowering Your Exterior House Painting Cost Is exterior painting on your list of things to do this year? As spring approaches more families are having their homes painted or anticipate contracting exterior painters in the near future. Some families are painting to sell and others simply desire to maintain and keep their homes. Before hiring…


Paint titanium dioxide, and Sales! Purchasing a product that contains high pigment levels is very important! When purchasing interior or exterior house paint knowing which products have high amounts of titanium dioxide is important. The amounts of pigment found in paint directly affect its ability to cover. Any additional amount of colorant/ tint (especially black)…


Emerald exterior house paint is a new product line introduced by Sherwin-Williams. It is among one of the few exterior home paints that are zero VOC. However, there are other less mainstream products that are zero VOC as well. As always stated by us, exterior house painting preparations reflect exterior paint durability the most. So,…


Whether you are planning on interior or exterior house painting for your next project, you must have the right painting tools. Purdy has a wide variety! From roller naps to brushes they have applicators that will suit all your house painting needs! A Touch of Color Painting only uses Purdy paint brushes in order to…


Did you know that a simple painting project could help insulate your home? Sounds crazy right? Many discussions this month regarding home improvement projects are insulation oriented. It’s almost officially wintertime and the efficiency of your home should be a the top of your list. How can we make our house more efficient? How can…


House painters have gained interest in shortcuts and speed. Yes, quality painting products can decrease labor and time. Quality paint requires fewer necessary coats and material needed. But when an interior or exterior painter takes shortcuts in craftsmanship, it does not matter which products are used. The end result will not be professional! One of…


Are you looking for a local painter to spruce up the interior or exterior of your home? Do you have trouble making confident decisions with colors?  If so, you may want to purchase a fan deck! With a fan deck, you will have all the interior and exterior colors that a paint supplier has to…


So, what does it mean to hire a full-service interior or exterior painting contractor? What are the advantages? And how do you know if the company that you are hiring is actually a full-service provider? Here we will explain what it really means to be a full-service Raleigh, NC painting contractor. A common mistake is…


Some of the most frequently asked questions during the season of spring are questions regarding how pollen will affect exterior house painting. Many homeowners that are getting exterior painting estimates or hiring exterior painters are questioning whether to paint now or postpone the project until the pollen ends. Here we will help with your decision…


Spring forward with exterior house painting! Some of the most commonly asked questions while homeowners are considering exterior painters are questions regarding spraying and brushing. Which is cheaper? Which will last longer? How do you know which is best for your home? Here we would like to explain the differences between spraying and brushing applications….

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