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A Touch of Color Painting has always put a huge emphasis on the importance of using quality painting products. As a painting contractor, we share the importance of optimal applications too!  What is the importance of quality primers? In order to achieve outstanding paint coatings, high-quality interior and exterior primers are also necessary. Here we…


With Spring just around the corner, it’s no surprise that exterior house painting is on many to-do lists. Spring always brings motivation for cleaning and getting the outside of the home ready for beautiful weather! Here are a few things to add to the checklist to evaluate whether you are in need of a freshly…


Interior and exterior paint storage are much more important than most think. Often forgotten, some paints are flammable and most are hazardous! Storing extra paint from previous painting projects correctly will save time and money. Storing house paint correctly will also allow seamless touch-ups and save both you and your house painting contractor time and…


Many households feel as if exterior painting is simply out of reach during the winter months. Many potential exterior painting projects are not even considered until mid to late February. If you are waiting to plan and budget for your exterior house painting projects until spring, there are a few things that you may want…


How important is it to pressure wash the exterior of your home? If your painting contractor takes a somewhat casual approach towards pressure washing your home before painting, you may want to consider a different exterior painting contractor. Pressure washing is the single most important preparation before painting the exterior of your home. But simply pressure…

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