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A View at The Aspects of Color That Matter

There are several tools available to help guide you to the perfect color selection. There are exterior color visualizers that allow you to upload photographs of your home.

There are fan decks and color swatches that supply examples of colors. You can even purchase interior paint samples to apply.

All will help while you’re in the decision-making process, but there is another tool that could help you along the way!

Paint Swatch Details & Information Provided

The benefit of choosing top interior or exterior paint manufacturers doesn’t stop with quality products. The research and development that comes with a quality product offer a few extras.

Top paint companies also have data on the color selections offered. This data lets you know which colors will need a primer if the color is subject to fade and the (LVR), which is short for light reflection value. This value supplies a number identifying how much light the color will reflect.

With this data, you obtain the ability to determine how light or dark a color is. Light reflection starts as 0, which is the darkest, and 100 being the brightest. This information extremely useful whether you’re considering interior or exterior painting colors.

In choosing colors, the question of a color being too light or dark almost always arises- this is where light reflection value will help.

Further Determining Color Values

Light reflection value is an essential tool to use—however; not all manufacturers supply the customer with this information. Light reflection, whether primers are necessary, fade resistance, and whether the color is neutral are all crucial questions that need answering.

Other critical factors that will determine cost and satisfaction are coverage, durability, and the overall tone of the area’s color. Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore both have systems that help identify these values.

There are small indicators on each fan deck. But first, you must know how to use it. That is where a professional comes in and helps you understand how to choose colors.

We are fully aware of paint terms and know how to read all paint data. Let us show you how! Contact us anytime!

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