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Color Trends: Exterior House Painting in Raleigh, NC

Painting the exterior of your home is a large undertaking. Picking the color scheme is one of the most important decisions you will have to make about painting your home. Exterior paint color combinations usually consist of three colors – a dominant color for siding, and the colors for accents and trims.

Raleigh Home Exterior

It can be pretty costly to paint the exterior of your home, so you want to make sure you are investing in the longtime curb appeal of the home. You should focus on picking colors that will give you the best value and durability over time.

What Paint Color Should You Select for Your House in the Raleigh Area?

Start by deciding if you prefer warm, cool or neutral exterior paint colors. While researching colors, keep in mind the visual of how a color scheme may look on your house. A dark exterior paint color will make your home appear smaller, whereas, painting a large home on a small lot in a light color will make it seem more proportional to the lot.

The color trends may change yearly; however, some color schemes remain a classic. This is a short list color scheme trends to boost your home’s curb appeal for the year:

Buttercream Yellow/White/Black: Yellow creates a happy tone as the dominant color in this color scheme. The buttercream yellow combines well with the white to accentuate the trims and accents. To really highlight and contrast the yellow and white colors of the house, combine with a black roof.

White/Aquamarine/Tangerine: White siding with aquamarine paint for shutters and trim seem to be a big palette. Painting the door tangerine creates an accent that will definitely draw attention to your newly painted home. This color scheme works well for colonial architectural styles.

Stormy Gray/Paprika Red/Bright White: This is a relatively chic look for your home’s exterior. Use the stormy gray for the siding; contrast the siding with paprika red for window frames, trim and the front door. Apply the Bright White to window sashes to pull together the whole look.

Tips for Picking Exterior Paint Color Schemes

  • Be sure to take into account specific architectural attributes you may want to highlight.
  • Make sure you choose a color scheme that matches the same level of intensity of surrounding homes.
  • Research regional and historical color schemes to add more value and curb appeal to your home.
  • To add more impact to your dominant exterior colors, choose darker or light color variation to accent building components like window frames and shutters.

Top Colors to Paint Your Home If You Are Looking to Sell Your House

Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to add value and curb appeal if you are trying to sell your home. Try these 9 colors to help sell your home:

  1. Off- White: Add bright white and black as accents.
  2. Putty: Blends in with natural surroundings and comes from the stone used in a home’s foundation or walkway.
  3. Taupe: Stays in line with the classic neutrals to play it safe when selling your home.
  4. Gray: Add white and brown as accents.
  5. Blue Gray: Gives a classic nautical feel with white trim as an accent.
  6. Yellow: Conveys a happy and cheerful tone.
  7. Light Blue: Great for Victorian architecture, combined with red-brown and white as accents.
  8. White: A creamy white with yellow undertones can complement any style of home.
  9. Cypress Green: A cross between green and gray, it is a neutral color without being boring. Dark gray and black shutters make great accents.

Considering Painting the Exterior of Your Raleigh Home?

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