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Contractor Buying House Painting Materials vs Client

A question often asked while meeting with potential clients is whether they should purchase their own materials or allow the contractor to purchase products? We have your answer here!

Most local painting contractors are making less than a dollar on each gallon of product. Since paint prices have drastically increased in the past few years,  homeowners can potentially purchased products from wholesalers cheaper than contractors. These sales are exclusive to homeowners and occur only a few times each year. If you are planning and budgeting for a project months in advance, buying the material when it is on sale may not be a bad idea.

Allow Your Raleigh House Painter Buy The Paint

However, in most cases, it is still better to allow a house painting contractor to do all the leg work. If you buy the paint in advance, the paint will have to be stored properly and re-shaken before it is applied. Unless it is a huge amount of paint to be purchased and you are saving more than a few dollars each gallon, most would rather allow contractors to purchase paint. Most of the year your painting contractor can purchase paint cheaper. If the contractor is passing the savings along to their customers, why buy it yourself? Franchised business are less likely to pass the savings along to potential customers. With the overhead that franchises carry, every penny counts!

Shop local and choose a contractor that is going to give you a deal on products. Simply taking the leg work and time out of having to purchase materials yourself is a value with-in itself!

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