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Duration Exterior House Paint by Sherwin-Williams

Duration exterior paint has long been known for its thick application. Recently, Sherwin-Williams has changed the formula making the exterior “Duration” house paint thinner. But what does a thinner version mean in terms of the quality of the product?

Here recently the consistency of Duration (exterior) has changed, drastically. As a result, the product is much easier to brush, but how does it cover? In our exterior painting experience, the coverage is surprisingly about the same as the previously ticker version. The solids were only about 40% in the thicker version anyways. However, Duration used to excel in the thickness of application. In many cases applying one coat of exterior Duration paint was almost equal to two coats of many competitor’s products.

How the changes will affect the quality is really undetermined. There is simply not enough time and usage with the product to determine as a contractor, whether the change quantifies any noticeable alterations in durability (long term). Sherwin Williams is using the same polymers and materials in the thinner version; therefore I would expect the durability to be similar to the old version. But do not expect the same elastomeric properties in the newer version.

Having used Sherwin Williams’s high-end exterior paints over the years, I find it hard to think the product is no longer worthy for exterior painting applications. At some point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price of Duration reduced. Reducing the price would also allow the higher grade “Emerald” exterior paint more market share and exposure. Only time will tell!

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