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Elastomeric Paint Coating & Paint Compositions

Here is an excellent explanation of what Elastomeric coatings are. This explanation was given in a PDCA forum.

A Touch of Color Painting would like to share.

What Latex Mean For House Paint

The term “Latex” is a misnomer and is applied to various coatings, none of which contain latex. 

Latex is rubber and is not used in paints or coatings. The term is meant to imply the properties of the coatings called “latex.” Latex and elastomeric coatings contain Vinyl and Acrylic compounds. Paint containing more acrylic is typically more durable and expensive. 

Most interior latex paints primarily consist of vinyl polymers; however, few high-quality interior paints are an exception.

Quality exterior paint usually has a high percentage of acrylic and contains vinyl polymers; hence the verbiage acrylic latex” is labeled outside of paint cans. 

Elastomeric Paint Coatings

The term elastomeric describes the coating properties that allow for elongation to accommodate the coefficient of expansion of the substrates to which it is applied without separation of the molecules.

Despite the higher cost, a quality elastomeric coating is cost-effective because it needs less prep and often only one coat to give the protection specified and desired.

Paints & Coating Short Comparison

The difference between paint and a coating is loosely defined.

Paint specifications are under-five mils dry film thickness. Five mils or more is considered a coating.

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