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Experienced Exterior House Painters in Raleigh NC

Our exterior painters love to convey our experiences with exterior paint products. As a professional Raleigh painting company, our exterior painters have experience applying several different house paints.

 We have concluded that there is not one paint that provides optimal results for every application or need. Durability, cost, conditions, and surface applied are vital factors when considering house paints. 

An experienced painter should be able to elaborate their craft. Meaning, they should be able to talk in-depth about the paint, application, and process.  

Here, we will help you recognize an experienced house painter. 

How Experienced & Inexperienced House Painters Recommendations Will Differ

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding exterior house painting is application. “Are you going to spray it or brush it”? 

Surface conditions should determine an experienced contractor’s recommendations. On the other hand, paint performance, durability, and a homeowner’s budget will also be determining factors. 

If the exterior siding requires hand brushing, most contractors will suggest using a flat finish to prevent lap marks. However, if the home is already painted in a satin finish, using flat paint could pose an adhesion issue. 

In this case, a combination of spot priming and spraying would be more beneficial simply because satin was the previous finish, and most satin paints do not brush well. 

If the home contains delaminating Masonite siding, the idea is to hand brush to seal and preserve the siding to mitigate further damages. However, an inexperienced painter may recommend spraying to maintain adhesion and over-look the hand-brushed spot priming part of preparation. 

Recommendations like these are also examples of an exterior painter who may only have experience with one brand or paint line. Having limited experience with other paint manufacturers will biased judgment. 

If brushing exterior paint with a sheen is the need or objective, Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior paint will handle all your brushing needs without unsightly brush marks. To much surprise, Benjamin Moore Regal brushes perfectly in a satin finish! 

BM Regal exterior’s aesthetic advances are revolutionary but not its true advantage. The real benefit is it enables an exterior painter to hand brush and seal the entire siding boards by pushing paint into every portion of the siding in a satin finish, which is more durable than flat paint. 

Hand brushing siding is critical near every lap’s edges if the siding board itself has started to delaminate or blister. Delamination is common with Masonite siding. 

The bottom line is an experienced house painter will save you money over time by minimizing potential additional maintenance expenses. An experienced painter will provide professional knowledge that will provide optimal results. 

The takeaway is, just because most contractors are offering a particular product or service doesn’t mean you can assume that the service is quality or a good fit for your home. 

So, are your painters’ recommendations based on the status quo to stay competitive, or are they offer a service and suggestions that best serve the client?

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