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Exterior Duration House Paint Improvements

This time of the year exterior house painting is among several homeowners’ list of Spring projects.  Choosing an exterior house painter can be challenging. Not only can contracting exterior painting be overwhelming but the choices of exterior painting products can also pose a challenge. With brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, PPG, Behr, and Valspar just to name a few, no wonder a customer can become easily confused.

Here within our blog, we have written several reviews on both exterior and interior house paints. Being a Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore advocate we try to stay on top of all the changes and introductions of products. So, luckily you can conduct a lot of research here on our website. We would like to share the improvements to a well-known product, Duration!

Sherwin Williams has extended the open or (dry time) of the Duration Exterior product. This usually means less of an unknown additive but also easier application during the hot summer months. One of the main complaints of painting contractors was the extremely fast dry time. It would dry almost faster than an exterior painter could apply the product. Fast dry time caused lap marks and made it difficult to apply. Basically, the paint film dried so fast a painter would not have time to spread and even coat. With it tacking up so quickly, if a painter tried to brush back into that area it would pull paint that had already partially dried off.

We are anxious to see how the improved dry time will affect how user-friendly this product is.

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