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Exterior House Paint for Your Raleigh Home

The EPA is making an effort to increase the regulations on paint manufacturers in years to come. These regulations usually give the paint suppliers another excuse to raise prices. The regulations also put more weight on suppliers.

In return, we hope to see the release of quality products. See what raw materials make sure a quality exterior house paint!

Exterior Paint Labels

Many pretenses are found on the labels of paint cans. So, what should you look for in a quality paint product? Raw materials and the percentage of solids by volume are most important when shopping for exterior house paint.

Stay away from manufacturers that don’t display what raw materials are used. They are usually not indicated for a reason. Mainly because of the use of inferior raw materials. So, which solids are needed?

Exterior Paint Raw Materials

Acrylic polymers are the most durable and commonly found in quality exterior paints. Fortified paints use a blend of raw material to give ultimate durability. Fortified paints also enable raw materials that generally would not mix to be blended.

Fortified exterior house paints usually contain a blend of Alkyd and Acrylic polymers. The most important additive to these raw materials is Zinc Oxide.

Zinc limits mold and mildew growth. Mold, mildew, and moss speed all polymers’ process to break down and fail over time.

Vinyl polymers are also present in exterior products. Durable products should only contain a small percentage of Vinyl.

Many Vinyl polymers are most commonly found in low-end products; these products are not as durable. High vinyl-containing paint breakdown and chalk at a must higher rate. However, Vinyl polymers do allow paints to expand and contract. Even with the advantages of allowing expansion and contraction, this raw material should be limited. This material should not be the primary material used in any premium exterior paint.

For absolute best results, A Touch of Color recommends the following products for interior and exterior painting.

  • Sherwin-Williams Exterior Gloss (contains 40% solids by volume) Water, Acrylic Polymer, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Cristobalite
  • Benjamin Moore Interior Aura (acrylic polymers & outstanding application)

For more information regarding paints and stains, contact us for your free painting quote today!

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