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Lowering Your Exterior House Painting Cost

Is exterior painting on your list of things to do this year?

As spring approaches more families are having their homes painted or anticipate contracting exterior painters in the near future. Some families are painting to sell and others simply desire to maintain and keep their homes.

Before hiring an interior or exterior painter, most homeowners question how much the project will cost. Did you know there are ways to limit the total costs of an exterior painting project?

Setting Your Expectations

During the initial meeting, the estimate should be straightforward. Let the contractor know what your expectations and requirements are. Be completely clear about what your goals are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Without stating specifics, let them know if you’re searching for the most cost-effective painting applications or quality above all. Offering this information will give contractors a chance to meet your goals.

In turn, when comparing painting estimates, they will all offer the same services and be more competitive. It also gives the contractor an opportunity to set expectations on what can be offered/achieved and what cannot.

Being completely transparent and clear will simply give the painter an opportunity to supply an estimate that better meets your needs.


Tips to Lower Raleigh Painting Costs

1) Limiting the Number of Coats

To achieve this goal first, use a paint that has great coverage, durability, and pigments that will cover.

Secondly, avoid applying colors that are hard to cover such as reds, yellows, electric blues, and pastels.

Commonly, choosing pre-existing colors will cut costs. Choosing the same color to paint the exterior of your home will ultimately reduce the overall amount of paint needed for the project. Choosing the same color will also require few coats of paint.

2) Limiting Tasks

When it comes to exterior painting your contractor has a lot to do.

From pressure washing to preparations such as caulking, taking down shutters, downspouts, and much more. So naturally making the contractors list of things to do less will also cut costs.

Something as small as not painting gutters and downspouts will help control the overall cost.

3) Accessibility

Accessibility is a huge factor that most contractors take into consideration. This is especially important for exterior house painting projects. Not only the landscape and height of the home are considered but also things such as planters, grills, patio furniture, window screens, and even vehicles are also considered.

By having or offering to have these small things cleared will be helpful to your contractor.

4) Limiting Material Costs

Painting the exterior of your home in a flat finish may not be the most durable finish. However, flat paint cost less and is typically easier to work with. This is especially a plus if you are simply selling the home.

5) Reducing Labor Costs

Ask your painter which application methods cost the most? The most influential cost of any house painting estimate labor.

How can you control what is probably the most expensive portion of the project, labor?

Spraying vs. hand brushing will definitely cut costs.

6) Doing Everything All At Once

Contracting the entire project to one contractor and doing everything all at one time will be cheaper than contracting several contractors for small projects.

7) Comparing Estimate.

Most importantly get more than one estimate.

But be sure your comparing contractors fairly. Is each contractor using the same paint? Are they all professional house painters? Does each estimate offer the same application method and amount of coats? How do their portfolio’s, reviews, and years in business compare to one another?

Let’s Get Started

Now that we have offered the ends and out on how to potentially save money on your next exterior house painting project, it’s time to give us a shot at estimating your next house painting project! Don’t worry, if you have landed on the article accidentally! We offer interior house painting as well! View our contact page and get your free estimate today!

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