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How Important is Pressure Washing Prior To Exterior Painting?

How important is it to pressure wash the exterior of your home? If your painting contractor takes a somewhat casual approach towards pressure washing your home before painting, you may want to consider a different exterior home painting company.

Pressure washing is the most critical preparation step before painting any exterior surface. 

Merely high powered water is not the answer to cleaning exterior surfaces properly.

The Secrete Pressure Washing Solution

Many companies are ambiguous regarding compounds and products used to clean homes. 

Our business motto is that all aspects of any service should be clear and straightforward. As a consumer, you’re entitled to know what or how a service is carried out. 

In response, we would like to educate our clients and audience on which chemicals should be used to pressure wash exterior painted surfaces!

Safe Chemicals For Exterior Pressure Washing

Power washing should be done every year to prohibit mold and mildew from growing and destroying the painted or stained exterior surfaces of your home. However, merely spraying water doesn’t do the job. There are three additives that are typically used to pressure wash properly. 

The solution should not only be applied to areas that growth is visible. These agents should be used on the entire home as a low-pressure rinse. The main agent used is sodium hypochlorite or (bleach). Other agents are copper sulfate and trisodium phosphate (without the phosphorus). A higher solution to water ratio works more quickly and effectively in killing the living spores that are found in mold, mildew, and moss. 

Also, adding soap to the mixture improves results. However, having too strong of a solution could damage your home and plants. 

If your home is two stories or more, it will most likely require a 3500 PSI or higher machine to clean efficiently. We recommend hiring a professional for this service.

We don’t offer pressure washing as a stand-alone service, but if you are in the process of getting your home painted, we will handle the entire service, including pressure washing, from start to finish. 

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