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Choosing Exterior Paint, Painters & Colors

Don’t be that neighbor. You know…the one that everyone points to after gasping loudly. Let’s choose the right exterior paint and colors. But not because everyone is looking and judging your home. Do it for the sake of maintaining your home properly and knowing that proper maintenance will save you money long-term.

The best exterior paint can make your house stand out. But not in the way that your house becomes the backdrop of a comedy skit.

There are important things to know about exterior house painting. Choosing house paint colors is a learned skill. Also, you need to know the type of paint to use. Most importantly, who are the exterior painters in Raleigh or near you, that are going to do the work?

Do you really want to be painting the exterior of your home again in a few years?

I doubt that. Especially when exterior paint can last a very long time if done right. That means you definitely want to choose the best exterior painter and/or painting contractor.

Among Raleigh, Cary, and surrounding areas there are over 200 painting companies! Of the 200, less than 15% are considered legitimate and professional paint companies. Again, don’t be that guy. Read on for pro tips to an excellent home exterior.

Type of House and Best Exterior Paint

The three little pigs will tell you. Their success depended upon how a house was built. This is true with exterior painting, too.

Vinyl siding is one type of exterior. Others include stucco, brick, or stone. Still, the majority of exterior here in Raleigh, NC have either Hardie Plank or Masonite siding.

It’s important to know which exterior paint will apply best on different substrates.

First, priming is not always necessary. If the area is clean and free of damages and raw wood, you can jump right into the prep work. In some cases, it’s important to use two coats of paint but not all. Look for chalky or pasty surfaces. If found you may need two coats or even a primer coat.

Urethane-based products often offer a harder dry film. However, these products are not readily available and are often harder to apply. Meaning, in some cases urethane-based paints may dry too fast. Leaving brush marks and other unsightly imperfections.

A good old acrylic-based paint seems to do the trick. With enough zinc oxide acrylic paints really hold up against mildew. Especially, better than oil paint. Oil-based paint is harder to apply and has a large impact on the environment. Your exterior house painter and environment will happier.

Color Considerations

When choosing the best colors for your exterior paint, think about curb appeal. And not just what your neighbors will think.

Always consider your neighborhood or city codes. Then, you can think about making the outside of your home perfect.

Try to avoid dark colors, especially on vinyl siding. It’s generally best to choose the same or a lighter color.

Choose colors to match other elements of your home. For example, use a shade to complement the color of the stone or brick on your home.

A Tad About Trim

The trim of your home includes gutters, shutters, dormers, porches, stairs, and windows. This will take longer and your finish of paint will be different than the siding.

When painting the exterior trim of your home, you can opt for a glossier paint finish. This will make the area more washable. Semi-gloss and satin finishes are best.

Flat finishes are less washable. This makes them not as ideal for trim like windows. The weather tends to make trim areas more likely to need regular cleaning.

Choose your trim color carefully. You want it to match the “weather” in your home. This means keeping cool colors together and warm colors together.

Find someone with experience and knowledge to help you coordinate, if needed.

The Time is Now

Now you know the basics about the best interior paint for your home! Ready for the next step? Have a question? Contact us today to schedule a quote!

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