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A Sherwin-Williams Resilience Exterior Home Paint Field Test

Here is how Sherwin-Williams Resilience prevails! It can be applied by brush or sprayed. We have found this product to dry evenly and not show lap marks. Most exterior paints show precisely where you have started and stopped while spraying. Resilience minimizes these unsightly marks.

This product also has exceptional moisture resistance. Heavy rain could ruin the sheen of most paints, mainly if rain accrues directly after application. In most cases, an additive call glycol and other surfactants take a while to make their way out of the paint coating. Most painters simply refer to this stage as the cure time.

If moisture in excess amounts comes into contact with the paint film before additives have entirely dissipated, it could cause watermarks, referred to as surfactant leaching. Resilience is design not to show the additives leaching even if there were an evening shower. In turn, it allows for an extremely uniform topcoat, especially for sprayed satin finishes.

The Fall of Super Paint

Most exterior painters’ quotes consist of Sherwin-Williams Super Paint. But why is this particular paint favored by so many paint contractors? Simple! Super Paint is a price point product. This type of product makes the bottom line look low on each estimate.

For proper perspective, Super Paint used to be the best exterior house paint product offered by Sherwin-Williams. But things have changed substantially since then. Super paint is not a bad exterior paint but is now more applicable for apartment and commercial applications. 

For durable exterior home finishes, a more premium product will be more rewarding for the long haul.

Why The Misleading Recommendations

The questions of paint quality are among the top questions that home and commercial painters are asked. Exterior painters always have their own opinion and preferred brand. The market for innovative paint and applications is also forever evolving.

There are also products that are released nationally and just simple for a specific region. So, naturally, not each exterior house painter is going to have identical answers.

In conclusion, the better question is why your contractor is pushing a particular product? Meaning, what is their angle. If you make it clear that you have done your research and want better paint, you have leveled the playing field. Otherwise, contractors know that if they can convince you that a cheaper product is good enough while appearing to have your budget in mind, most homeowners that are no privy will go for it. 

We use Sherwin-Williams Resilience for 70% of our exterior painting projects. We particularly love it for siding, brick, and shutters. 

We would love to offer a proposal for your next project! Contact us today!

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