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Spring forward with exterior house painting! Some of the most commonly asked questions while homeowners are considering exterior painters are questions regarding spraying and brushing. Which is cheaper? Which will last longer? How do you know which is best for your home? Here we would like to explain the differences between spraying and brushing applications.

When considering exterior painters, you must first ask what you value most, price or quality? For the most part, the siding is the only part that most re-paint contractors either spray or brush. Typically the trim and doors are hand brushed. However, there are a few painting contractors that would rather spray the entire project aside from windows and doors. Usually, these contractors are new construction oriented contractors that are mainly geared towards speed, not accuracy and durability. These contractors are usually cheaper and are in and out quickly.

Custom repaint oriented contractors take a slightly different approach. Typically this kind of exterior painter only sprays the siding and hand brushes the remaining areas. The approach with this kind of contractor is a little slower pace. The detail of hand brushing is more labor intensive and takes a little more time. Typically an exterior re-paint oriented painting contractor is more thorough and offers solid warranties. It’s important to contract someone that stands behind their product; however, the price is usually a little higher.

Brushing Exterior Paint Projects

If a painting contractor suggests to hand brush the entire home you have to ask why? In some cases, a hand brushed paint job is better, but when? The huge advantage to hand brushing is the ability to push paint into cracks were caulking is not used. Masonite lap siding is the most common case where a good hand brushed job is an advantage! In this application, hand brushing helps preserve the siding by pushing paint into every lap. This application will seal the edge of each board where Masonite typically will swell and expand due to exposure.

Spraying Exterior Paint Projects

Spraying is a great application if you’re changing the color of your home. Spraying covers better and the application is more uniform. Spraying has no brush strokes and offers the more durable satin finishes a much nicer look. But even when exterior paint is sprayed there are very slight lap marks. This is especially the case with dark colors. If your home has Hardie Plank siding spraying is almost always the way to go.

As with any painting project, preparations are the most important part! The product is important too! Don’t get caught up in two coats hand brushed too much. Unless it is obvious that you need to hand brush, focus on product and preparation above application. Then secondly, if hand brushing makes sense choose the application that best suits your needs. A professional painter should be able to clearly identify and explain which application is best for your needs. If you’re not confident with the explanation given you may want another painting contractor’s advice.

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