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Here Are 5 Ways To Evaluate Your Next House Painter

Hiring house painters can be a frustrating process. Various companies offer a range of prices and recommendations. But understanding who to trust can be complex – especially for first-time experiences or if you don’t know much about the service.

We have put together a system that will enable you to evaluate any painter with ease. This article has been tailored to painters but can be applied to practically any contractor.

There are five essential things to consider when comparing companies: presentation, price, guarantee, product, and application.

Let dive in!

How House Painters Presentation

Things like being well-groomed, dressing professionally, and so on are always good signs! But how a painter presents the service will reveal a lot about how the project will be handled.

Each professional should also provide literature explaining the process, guarantee, history of the company, and how their service differs. Look for experts willing to explain things carefully and thoroughly.

Pay attention to who will clearly articulate the work required, explaining why and how things are done and are willing to answer all questions.

Anyone who doesn’t take questions well is typically not a good fit.

How House Painters Quote

Avoid ambiguities quotes at all costs. A detailed quote will provide clear line items and descriptions. The more the quote is broken down, the easier it is for you to understand and potentially control costs. The project’s cost should always be considered, remember the lowest price isn’t always the best quote.

The process of quoting is one of the most critical aspects of the process. Each contractor’s quoting process will vary. Estimators that are not taking the process seriously will write numbers on the back of business cards, others put quotes together in their vehicle, and some email the estimates.

It fair to say, never except a business card proposal. An organized and thorough company will provide clear and concise contracts.

A House Painters Guarantee

Having a warranty is almost as important as having a contract. If your local painter does not offer a specified warranty, you may want to look elsewhere. By law, a signed contract gives a client fundamental rights to decent work standards, but you want a company that sets its own guaranteed work standards.

A house painter’s guarantee should be elaborate and have fixed terms. And don’t overlook – a proven work history is just as crucial as the guarantee itself. A company that has been around for a long-time is more likely to continue service and handle any potential future failure or issues.

A proper guarantee should include text that proves who the company is and guarantees what they promise. So, a contract guarantee is an absolute must-have.

A House Painters Product (Materials Used)

Almost every homeowner is looking for quality. Unfortunately, to market themselves, every painter uses the word quality very loosely.

The quality of the service and paint quality are near equally important. Outside of painters being detailed and meticulous, be sure to make it clear to your painter that you want good paint. Applying quality materials is especially important for exterior house painting projects.

If a painter recommends a medium-tier or cheap product, this is a key indicator of their overall approach. Meaning, a painter that is mindful of quality will also recommend quality paint materials to match.

A House Painters Application (How the Work is Done)

Another critical step in the process is the application. Keep in mind, we are not just talking about whether a painter will spray, brush, or roll the paint materials. This critical step also involves how surfaces will be prepared, caulked, puttied, primed, and so on. These project-specifics should also be included within the contract as part of the terms and conditions or included in the guarantee.

Simply put, anyone can slap paint on a surface. The difference is the service’s professionalism, which includes doing things correctly and to the fullest to assure quality, durability, and professional results.

Determining A Winner

Using a checklist can be helpful in determining the best fit. Remember to take your time and be thorough, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or have objections.

Evaluate each contract in each category. Give a score between five and zero in each category, see who ends up with the best score. Whoever has the highest score is typically going to be the better fit. This process should give you a much more objective look at who is the best fit.

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