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House Paint Decisions & Contracting

With several years of experience as house painters, we know it to be true that labels sell paint. What do we mean by this? An example is the old saying of judging a book by the cover. Most buyers make purchases based on a first impression.

Research has proven that labels dictate our expectations of a product. In the paint world, how a product is branded has very little to do with the actual contents or quality of the paint.

Do you have an interior or exterior painting project that you plan on contracting?

During the estimate don’t forget to ask for suggestions and experiences using specific painting products. The most relevant answers should be directly related to the application and durability of the products.

An experienced painter’s opinion will enable you to look past the false pretense of a paint label. Just because paint can is labeled “excellent coverage and adhesion” doesn’t mean that it’s true.

A professional painter should be able to answer questions related to the best paints to use based on your needs. But you have to initiate the questions.

Asking the right question will also reveal the experience of the painter or suggest them to be a salesperson. If you are willing to pay a little extra for premium paint, make it clear to the contractor.

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