Paint titanium dioxide, and Sales!

Purchasing a product that contains high pigment levels is very important!

When purchasing interior or exterior house paint knowing which products have high amounts of titanium dioxide is important. The amounts of pigment found in paint directly affect its ability to cover.

Any additional amount of colorant/ tint (especially black) also helps coverage. Pigment (usually known as Titanium Dioxide) will also directly affect color retention and the amount of paint required to complete an interior or exterior painting project.

Watch Out for Sales Tricks 

In order to increase sales, painting companies purposely manipulate the amounts of pigment (titanium dioxide.)

More paint require to complete your painting project, will ultimately increase paint manufactures sales. But low counts of interior or exterior paint pigment could result in more frequent interior and exterior re-paints for you!

As a local Raleigh interior and exterior painting contractor, ATOC has a great appreciation for painting products that consistently perform, increase continuity and maintain durability. Spreading the news to homeowners and other contractors is important to us!

The Consumer

As smart consumers, we should all seek to make well-informed decisions. By doing so, we can directly affect manufacturers’ business practices, our environment, natural resources and so much more!

As a painting contractor, purchasing the correct product can also be the difference in days of labor and hundreds of dollars spent in materials.

Paint Manufacturers Practices  

Paint suppliers are constantly reformulating. The reformulation of products definitely keeps consumers on their toes! Naturally, no supplier claims their re-formulations to perform worse or have negative effects on their products.

The truth is, in most cases re-formulation derives from EPA compliance and finding ways to cut costs. The best way to judge a product is by using the newly formulated product and comparing it to the older version.

Ask yourself, how the formulation has changed the application and durability of the product? Or, you can simply ask a the professional house painters at A Touch of Color Painting!

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