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House Painters Hiring Process

Whether it seems like your house could use a good makeover or you want to jazz it up a bit, late summer is a good time to have it painted. Get all the interior rooms done when you can open up all the doors and windows. ‘New car’ might be a popular scent for an air freshener, but ‘new paint’ isn’t.

Odor aside, hiring a painter might seem like an easy task, but there are a few things to look for. You want the job done well the first time. Just because your neighbor’s kid will do it for cheap doesn’t mean that’s the way to go.

We’ve put together a few helpful hints to get you started in your search for the perfect painter for your home.

Tips for Hiring a Painter

You may think most painters are all the same, but it’s not quite that simple. It can take time and experience to perfect certain aspects and tricks to getting the job done well.

Ask for References

Flipping through the phone book and just picking the first painter listed is not a good idea. You might get lucky, you might not. Plus, if you are using the actual Yellow Pages, you may be beyond help:)

Ask your friends and family, and take note if you see your neighbors having some work done. That’s a great place to get firsthand information. Plus, you can see their results.

Even driving through your neighborhood, take note of signs, as most professional painters have their company name on the lawn. At least, the ones worth noticing do. Takedown their number or stop and get a business card.

Check them out

Once you have a few in mind, and you should look at a few, at least, start doing a background check. You can find out a lot of information with a simple internet search.

Look for years in business, find forums where people have left comments, and read both bad and good with an open mind. Check their websites for guarantees or promises of satisfaction. Warranties are always good too!

Look for insurance, as well. You don’t want some lummox smashing up grandma’s collection of antique teacups without knowing they are covered.

Ask Questions

You can call around and check their insurance, their licenses, and any other information that is public. You can ask the painter or contractor a lot of questions, as well.

Get Estimates

Be very clear about what you are needing to be painted. You don’t want to change your mind halfway through the job, as they may not be able to complete it.

Bring them in to see the house and the rooms you want to be painted. Get an estimate and make sure you include everything you want to be completed. Get an estimate in writing, so they can’t later tell you more. Be mindful that all quotes should include paint, time, and labor.

You can use these estimates when interviewing other painters or contractors. If the other quotes are good but you like the person that you are currently getting a quote from, be transparent. Share what the other contractors have recommended. It will go a long way, in terms of building that initial relationship and trust.

Ask to see their work

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about their past jobs. They should have examples on their website or in their office, but ask if they have more to show. They are going to show you their best ones, so ask about the average ones.

You can do this by checking their work around the neighbors they have worked in, as well.

Get a Contract

Once you have hammered out the details, you can set up a contract. This has to include the company name and preferably itemized.  All the items of the job that are not included is an added bonus.

Make sure their insurance number is included in that, in case they break something of yours or theirs. You don’t want to be responsible if Painter Paul takes a fall. Make sure all their credentials and workers’ compensation insurances are up to date.

Ask about a Warranty

You want a promise, at least on paper, if not in a diamond ring, that they will guarantee their work. If you come home to find a mess or damages, you want to know you are not responsible for it. If the job is not what you expected, you need to know they will fix it.

Extra Tips


You can always purchase the paint yourself but you typically want the painters to carry all that weight.  A professional painter can make sure you get the color you want or have it mixed to your liking. You should also ask questions about the type of paint, as that makes a difference in price but also the finish, which is important.


Work out the smaller details, like will they supply drop cloths, rags and clean up all their mess. Do they need the furniture removed completely or can they work around it? You may want to take extra precautions, just in case.

Clothing Optional

Ask about uniforms. You may want to be vigilant on the ‘bum crack’ problem. In particular, if you are having the outside of the house painted. If it’s overalls, you and your neighbors should be fine.

If you plan on being around to supervise the work, you may need to brace yourself a bit. A couple of stiff vodkas and a quick trip to your happy place should help. But seriously, you really shouldn’t have to micromanage a professional and everyone should be in uniform.

Color me, Happy

You want the paint to look good and last for several years. It’s best to go for quality when it comes to any type of work being done on your home. Paint can be expensive, but if you have kids, pets, or a busy life, then you want it to last.

A fresh coat of paint can really bring a room or your whole house alive. It takes a dull tired room and really brightens it up. Choose colors you love, not what you think would be best.

Whether it’s inside, outside or the whole ball of wax, please contact us for a free quote on all your painting needs. We service Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, Apex, and surrounding areas!

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