Our House Painters Vetting Process

I know what you’re thinking.

Your home needs some serious new painting work, but you’re terrified of falling victim to another nightmarish contractor company. Whether you’ve had a bad experience yourself, or gotten an earful from a friend, these stories give contractors a bad rep.

You know, we love reading stories like those too. They make us laugh. No wonder so many people are left with a bad taste in their mouth. At times, it seems crazy how little some painting companies care about the client experience.

We pride ourselves on our thorough employee vetting process. Without it, we wouldn’t have so many amazing client testimonials.

You have every right to be anxious about inviting contracted painters into your home. But you won’t have to be after you hear about all we do to find the right employees.

Read on to learn more about our employee vetting process.

Vetting All Resumes and Applicants

Here’s what we’ve discovered.

Vetting candidates for our company starts before they even walk through the door. We thoroughly check references and all resumes we receive to be sure we’re bringing in the right talent.

If someone applying to be part of our team doesn’t seem reliable, we don’t hire them. Period. We don’t even invite them for an interview. We care about providing excellent service to our clients above anything else. And for the record, unreliable people aren’t fun for us to work with, either.

We only invite a select group of candidates to an interview after we’ve gotten to know them over the phone and heard feedback from previous employers.

We’ve realized speaking with former employers gives us great insight into what we can expect from a candidate.

Direct and Thorough Interviews

Next, the interview.

Our face-to-face interview process is where we make sure potential employees match our company culture. No matter how charming someone is, they don’t get to work for us unless they take their responsibilities seriously.

We don’t tolerate nepotism or any other form of favoritism when it comes to our hiring process. We’re a meritocracy, and hire people based entirely on relevant work experience and positive work ethic.

After being in business this long, it’s hard not to become a good judge of character.

The Background Check

This next step goes without saying.

True, you don’t have to have a Master’s degree to become a professional painting contractor. But we still have many of the same standards as much more formal nine to five businesses. All of our employees must successfully pass a background check before they’re allowed on a worksite.

Assuming a candidate has passed all of these steps with flying colors, they’re hired and welcomed onto our team. We care about the safety of our employees and clients, so the criminal background check is a crucial step in our hiring system.

But our employee vetting process doesn’t end there.

Observing The New Hire

Here’s where things get interesting.

Our company has operated in the Raleigh area for quite some time. We’ve seen a few painters over the years. In all these years, we’ve noticed employees will start to act quite different a few weeks into working with us once they get comfortable.

We make sure to carefully observe our employees while they’re working, and welcome feedback from our clients. If someone consistently slacks off or doesn’t meet our company standards, we do everything we can help them improve. If the same employee refuses to improve after repeated interventions within 30 days of their hire date, they’re suspended or fired.

Observing new employees closely within their first 30 days of being hired helps us hold new painters to the terms of their employment.

This way, no under-qualified applicants can slip through the cracks.

Regular Performance Reviews


Let’s assume our newest employee has excellent feedback from previous employers, made it through the interview, and has been with us for a few months.

How do we make sure our painters continue to improve?

We enjoy helping our employees grow in their careers by providing consistent performance reviews. This is why your feedback on our performance helps us so much. We’re always sitting down as a team to figure out ways in which we can continue to surpass client expectations.

Providing adequate training and education to our team members is a key part of our company culture. We don’t expect everyone we hire to be able to read our minds, so we give lots of praise and constructive criticism when necessary.

These review meetings are also when we usually compare ourselves to those other nightmarish contractors you’ve heard about.

There’s usually lots of laughter.

Call Us Today

See? Nothing to worry about!

To recap, our vetting process starts early and continues long after a new employee signs their paperwork. In order to continue working with us, each candidate must:

  1. Submit a resume with relevant work experience and have glowing feedback from multiple references
  2. Pass our thorough, face-to-face interview
  3. Successfully pass a standard background check
  4. Make it through their initial 30 day employee trial period with no major issues
  5. Continue to show improvement at each regularly scheduled performance review.

Hopefully, this has already put most of your fears to rest. If you’re still concerned or have more questions, make sure to check out our FAQ page.

Or, if you’re ready for a consultation and quote for your next big painting project, contact us here.