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8 House Painting Colors to Consider

If your home is ready for a summer refresh, the budget-friendly way to spruce up your space is with some new paint in tropical color schemes. Or, you could always use colors that simply keep you in the summer mood.

Summer is such a happy season full of life and color. What better way to enjoy the warmth than by bringing the colors of summer inside?

Summer is almost over. So, let’s keep the summertime rolling with a little house painting. Read on for the best summer paints for every room in your home.


You can’t think of summer without picturing juicy red watermelons and delicious candy apples. Red is a powerful color that really packs a punch.

Pick a room that is small but has good natural light. Red sparks productivity, passion, and appetite. A home office, bedroom, or dining room would be excellent candidates for this summer color.

If you don’t feel up to painting a whole room this hue, that’s OK. You can enjoy tropical color schemes in your home by painting an accent wall in the dining room bright red.

When you go to Benjamin Moore to make your selection, stay away from primary red. You want a red that is more complicated because it draws the eyes. Read about choosing the best paint for your project.

All Shades of Greens

Green is a quintessential color of summer that is perfect for your summer paints. It makes you think of lying in the grass looking at clouds or running through the sprinkler to cool off.

Light greens are versatile. They’re perfect for just about every room in the house. If you prefer bright paint colors, go for Kelly green. This color is a bold, saturated hue that goes well with other summer hues like blue, pink, and yellow.

If you’re using this color in the kitchen, pair it with a beige-white cupboard and dark grey tile for the most pop. Lots of white and natural light are also ideal to enhance this vibrant shade to its full glory.

Hello, Yellow!

When you think of summer paints, you undoubtedly imagine this cheery color.

Yellow is full of personality and zest for life. Traditionally, yellow appeared in kitchens. Nowadays this bright paint color is making its way to every room in the house.

Feel free to use this shade on every wall in a specific room, an accent wall, or even on top of a built-in unit.

To maximize the boldness of this fun, summer shade add it to something unexpected. Give a coffee table, coat stand, or shoe bench a big dose of personality, and see how it transforms your space.

Soft Gray

If you’ve started sweating at the thought of the colors we’ve discussed so far, this one’s for you.

Soft gray is a soothing shade that is classic and breezy. It’s an easygoing shade that can go with warm or cool colors without a problem. This versatility makes it a fresh choice for your home this summer.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue, reminiscent of a tropical bird, is majestic and stunning at the same time. If you want to make a statement that is not harsh on the eyes, you can’t go wrong with cobalt blue.

If you are playing with different shades of blue for a tropical color scheme, add cobalt into the mix for a steadying effect. While turquoise and sky blue liven up space, cobalt blue adds serenity and authority.

Use this color in a small room if you need time to get used to using bold colors at home.

Crisp White

Choosing house paint colors is no easy task. However, there is never a season when crisp white won’t work wonderfully. Yet, it’s especially refreshing in summer. Just like laundry hanging on a line in the yard.

Your home will look clean with this crisp shade. The best part is that it is a perfect neutral wall color that allows you to add pops of colors with accent pieces in tropical color schemes.

If you don’t want to take any risks with your summer paints, start with crisp white in your largest space. You might find you warm up to the idea of a bright color once your main space is white and fresh.


Ah, coral. A summer color that demands your love. If you are looking for tropical paint colors, coral is a standout choice.

Freshen up a bedroom or use it in a foyer or walk-in closet for a burst of freshness.

There’s nothing feminine about this fresh hue. You’ll see it popping up in men’s activewear such as in the Under Armor tank as well as in shorts, tees, and golf shirts.

Tropical Pink

Unlike blush pink, tropical pink is both sweet and sassy. It adds a dash of spice to any room and pairs exceptionally well with verdant greens.

Tropical color schemes are one of the best ways to bring summer indoors. They enliven the space and everyone who is in them. You’ll never want to leave your summer paradise!

Check out this tropical bedroom for some inspiration for your home.

Summer House Paint Colors

Did you like our list of summer house paint colors? If one or many of these hues called out to you, explore your home for areas that could use a pop of color.

If you want to refresh your home but don’t have time to paint, contact us for a free quote. You will love our detailed, itemized proposals, our attention to detail, and our satisfaction guarantee.

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