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A Paint Brush Preference & Guide

Whether you are planning for interior or exterior house painting for your next project, you must have the right painting tools. Purdy has a wide variety of tools! From roller naps to brushes they have applicators that will suit all your house painting needs!

A Touch of Color Painting only uses Purdy paintbrushes in order to obtain professional painting results. Are you wondering which one is the best Purdy paintbrush?

The Best Paint Brushes

It’s hard to say which is better because they all have a different intended use. We like a brush that can be used for just about everything.

We find the Pro-Extra Sprig to be a great universal brush. Since Sherwin-Williams bought Purdy years ago, the most common place to purchase Purdy brushes is now at Sherwin- Williams stores.

Like all brushes, it has to be broken in before it performs nicely! So, the first couple of uses should be with a project that doesn’t require a lot of detail. However, if you are a pro this should be no surprise.

But what size should you use?

Some find the angled brushed easier to use. It’s all about preference. We just find the ones with angles a little less universal.

We use the 3” Sprig version with a straight edge for everything. A Pro-Extra can be used with both latex and oil paints. It is for exterior and interior painting applications. It also contains a mix of Nylon, Polyester, and China bristles, which make it stiff and easy to clean.

There are some applications that require a softer brush, such as cabinets and bookcases. Or you can simply add a paint extender to help the paint level and still use the Pro-Extra. We feel the Pro-Extra keeps straighter lines and could be a part of a homeowner’s or painting contractor’s everyday use!

Try a Purdy Pain Brush and see what you think!

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