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The Importance of Quality Caulking For All House Painting Projects

The use of premium caulking is an essential part of painting preparations that several painting contractors often overlook! 

Painters may argue that good caulking is just as important as good paint. We would partially agree by extrapolating that professional preparations are equally crucial for both interior and exterior painting.

Quality Caulking

The use of good caulking is significant to exterior painting applications. Quality caulk will seal cracks long-term and help keep your siding and trim dry throughout wet or damp weather for seasons to come. In simple terms, proper caulking equates to less wood rot and paint failure. So, why would anyone ever shortcut this process? 

Here at A Touch of Color Painting, as Raleigh interior and exterior house painters, we practice professional preparations for all painting applications. As a team, we passionately feel preparation is simply one step that can’t be ignored. 

Many clients ask “which is the best paint” but seem to overlook the importance of the best caulking. Here we are going to explain the advantages of our favorite caulking.

The Best Caulking For Painters

We use a Sherwin-Williams MaxFlex for exterior usage and SW Shermax inside. The bottom line is that SherMax caulking expands and contracts at 70% total joint movement. This makes the caulking an elastomeric like sealant. 

So, if the crack were, say…. 1/4 inch, the caulking would expand over a 1/8 of an inch before cracking. The caulking is also Urethanized for superior adhesion. 

Sherwin-Williams SherMax

SherMax is used for interior or exterior applications and is paintable. This is the best caulking product that Sherwin Williams makes and has a high price tag to match. But when comparing $2.00 more each tube, it’s simply not smart to shortcut with a cheaper product. At least that how we feel about it!

Most paint home painters do not reveal or openly tell which caulking they use. Hiding this detail is an effort to cut costs without clients knowing. 

When you hire an expert with a solid history, all these details will be in plain sight with quality in mind. 

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