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Did you know that a simple painting project could help insulate your home? Sounds crazy right? Many discussions this month regarding home improvement projects are insulation oriented. It’s almost officially wintertime and the efficiency of your home should be a the top of your list. How can we make our house more efficient? How can we insulate better? Here is how!

Outside of laying or upgrading insulation, exterior house painting can effectively insulate as well! Especially if there are several cracked areas on the exterior siding and trim. Sealing and painting these areas will help insulate your home. The absolute most influential areas are located around exterior windows and doors. A professional house painter should locate all cracked areas and fill them with a quality caulking to help prevent future cracking. Not only will this keep moisture and cold air out, it will also help prevent future paint failure.

Most Sherwin-Williams paint’s for exterior house painting applications require the temperature to be above 35 degrees. Here is a list of products that Sherwin-Williams specifies can be applied at temperatures as low as 35: Resilience, Duration, Super Paint, Emerald, and A-100. During the upcoming winter months, adequate time for application will become limited. But here in Raleigh, NC who knows what the weather may bring?

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