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Interior house painting is fun and creates a new and fresh feel to the home. But not every interior painter suggests painting the ceilings. Why not? Did you know that most of the light that is reflected in a room actually is reflected from the ceiling? Not to mention, painting the ceilings help eliminate odor. But which ceiling paint is the best?

There are a few things to consider when choosing ceiling paint. How much it spatters, how long before it becomes dingy or yellows and how uniform the coating will be. Lastly, odor is another huge factor with ceiling paints. The most common finish for a ceiling is flat. So, you want a paint that is going to be as flat as possible. You wouldn’t want to see any shiny streaks in the ceiling! This would be considered a non-uniform coat. Flat is what A Touch of Color Painting most commonly suggest for ceilings. It will hide small imperfections better than other sheens. A flat white will brighten a room and will block the unwanted glare from the sun!

There just are not many ceiling paints out there that have all these characteristics. However, there is one that comes extremely close. Sherwin-Williams Master Hide (flat). It is now offered in a low odor formula. This product is not expensive and normally is sold to contractors. So, you will not hear much about it unless you ask for it. This product is made mostly with calcined clay, so it’s ultra flat. If you are looking for ceiling paint look no further, Master Hide has been revealed. (Sherwin-Williams Master Hide is only sold in select regions)

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