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8 Interior & Exterior Paint Colors to Refresh Your Home

There are several shades that may embody energy and playfulness but will they look good on your interior walls or on the exterior siding? We will go ahead and guess, not likely!

Each year, we meet hundreds of homeowners who want to update their homes. Painting the exterior or interior of your home increases its value. Let’s take a look at a few interior and exterior painting color options that may work for you!

Deep Dark Gray

Want a clean, timeless color that would look great in any room? A deep dark gray hue will do the trick as it can work with any color palette you choose to have in your room.

For example, you can use copper and gold elements to stimulate a sense of nostalgia. Pair the deep dark gray wall color with other rich colors, like deep reds and purples, for a stroke of elegance. If you want a light feeling for your room, pair the deep dark gray walls with muted hues and get ample lighting.

Lilac Gray

On the other side of the coin, we have the classic light gray look if you’re not a fan of dark hues. With lilac undertones, it provides a refreshing alternative to stark paint colors. It can intensify any color paired with it. It can make bright colors pop and it can complement soft hues.

The lilac in this gray makes this a cool color, creating a soothing aura in your room. Don’t worry too much about the lilac undertone, however, as this can be a gender-neutral shade. You can use it in living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens, and make sure to pair it with earthy tones and some warm hues to balance the coolness.

Deep Greens

These color variations bring the healing aura of nature into your living spaces, which is great for any room without views of the green outdoors.

If you choose a flat or eggshell finish, this color can become neutral and blend in with other colors. Satin or semi-gloss can add another dimension to it, making it look more elegant.

Refer to Pantone’s Night Watch, one of the company’s top paint colors, as a great example of deep green. It’s a fresh take on Hunter Green, a color you would see in every home in the ’90s.

Night Watch is moodier, though, and as such, you should use it in large well-lit areas. Using this color in small dark spaces can make spaces appear darker.

Muted Pastels

It wasn’t too long ago when pastels started to spread everywhere – from fashion to homes. As it turns out, they haven’t left and they remain a good choice.

Sherwin-Williams’ Shapeshifter palette features a number of blues, including a blue-green hue and deep blue. It also has a neutral purple hue and a nugget yellow color. This combination of pastels would look great on an apartment with any of the neutral shades as the wall paint color.

The chalk paint is also gaining in popularity, which is another reason why muted pastels are finding their way into homes again. People are breathing new life into their furniture pieces by painting them with muted pastel colors.

Periwinkle Blue

A fresh color like periwinkle blue can brighten a space without it being too overwhelming. Paired with neutral colors, it can bring a sense of creativity to any room.

You can use it in your living room or other neutral spaces. Use it as an accent and then pair it with charcoal or neutral orange hues. It’s pretty versatile, though – the mood changes when you pair it with different colors.

For a color this light, you’ll want it in a satin or eggshell finish. The latter provides that matte look without the cleaning troubles associated with it. A satin finish has a slight sheen to it, but it doesn’t make the color overpowering.

Rich Purple

Ultraviolet is one of Pantone’s popular colors, but will it persevere and survive the test of time? I

Expect a purple color with rich energy to be one of the home décor current trends. However, also expect it to have a muted intensity, which should make the color more versatile than in the past while still having the rich goodness of UltraViolet.

Depending on the lighting and the colors you pair it with, it can lighten a room or it can set a mood. Use a lot of whites if you want the room to feel light; use metallics and dramatic lighting if you want elegance.


The hazelnut color on walls, with its creamy shade with warm and inviting undertones, will dominate homes as one of the best decorating trends. It’s a safe bet for any home – it won’t clash with your existing furniture pieces no matter how bold of a color it has.

What’s great about hazelnut is that it has various shades; if you want to make a room feel lighter, go for lighter hues. The right hue can make it look sophisticated, but it can also evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling. Whichever mood you’re going for, hazelnut is a safe choice.

Zesty Orange

Deviating from the neutral colors in this article, we have a zesty orange hue to cap off this list. Pantone’s Living Coral is somewhat similar, so if you want to be in with the times, this is a great choice.

It can be a neutral color in the way that you can pair it with other bold, contrasting colors. Pair it with a minty green accent piece, for example, or a warm yellow throw pillow. This can result in a fun and refreshing vibe, wherever in the house you need it.

However, you can also play it safe and use grays, whites, and other colors with cool undertones. This is to balance the warmth of the orange hue, allowing you to stay cool with a sunny backdrop.

If you’re thinking of updating your home soon, choosing one of the top color trends will make it feel more modern.

If any of these colors speak to you, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Let’s discuss how we can bring your home up-to-date with a free quote.

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