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Informed Interior and Exterior House Painting

Whether we are conducting interior or exterior house painting, we aim to be very informative.

A Touch of Color Painting displays transparency in all services. We know it to be true that when people are in the planning and budgeting phases they are ultimately looking to make an informed decision.

The painting contractor that is professional, fair in price, and makes the homeowner feel the most comfortable, will most likely be the one who will be contracted.

But what does transparency mean to you? How will or should your interior or exterior painter show transparency?

Details Contracts

Always require your painting company to display exactly what line of paint they are going to apply within the estimate. Contracts should also state job specifics, such as how many coats and how the paint will be applied.

Warranty terms and conditions should also be displayed within the contract. Labor costs should be itemized and clearly stated. Most importantly, a description of the prep work must also be a part of the contract.


When it comes to exterior house painting be sure that your exterior painters are scraping loose paint, spot priming raw wood, using quality caulking, and identifying all rotted wood.

If you are not going to be there to see the progress of the project it’s not a bad idea to ask your contractor to take pictures of the progress.

A Touch of Color believes a painter should be willing to take extra measures to ensure the homeowner the project will be conducted correctly. This type of service is the true mark of business transparency and professionalism!

Let us paint your next interior or exterior house painting project today!

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