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Antimicrobial Interior House Paint Benefits & Functionality

Over the years, we have received several questions regarding interior painting procedures and products. Whether it’s regarding bedroom painting, kitchen, or bath, the questions are generally the same. 

However, the most commonly asked question is why antimicrobial paint

Well, here are the advantage of painting with antimicrobial paints for kitchen and bath applications!

Most interior paint performances are evaluated by coverage and self-leveling. However, an interior paint being antimicrobial is essential as well. Antimicrobial products are developed for areas inside a home that are exposed to a higher level of moisture. 

Antimicrobial paint consists of additives that limit the growth of mold and mildew, which is commonly seen in bathrooms around baseboards and shoe molding. 

Interior antimicrobial paints will also help prevent mold growth around and behind areas in the kitchen, such as sinks and stoves. Who doesn’t want a clean kitchen and bathroom? Right?

Prime Examples Where Antimicrobial Paint Excels

A Kitchen that lacks a functioning backsplash could benefit from antimicrobial paint. Bathrooms benefit from these products when there is no working exhaust fan in the area. 

High moisture areas containing low light are prime locations for mold, mildew, and other fungi to grow. 

Spending a few extra coins on an interior paint that will be both antimicrobial and user-friendly in high moisture areas is money well spent.

Let’s repaint that kitchen or bathroom with the proper paint this time! Contact us for professional, expert, and guaranteed service.

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