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8 Current Interior Color Trends

Your home should be beautiful in style, and you’ll know which shade of gray will create the best effect. Read on to discover the current interior color trends that will illuminate your home!

A new interior paint job is one of the quickest ways to freshen up a room.

But if you’ve gone to a hardware store to look at paint chips lately, you’ve discovered that there are a dizzying array of colors to choose from. With hundreds of colors at your fingertips, how do you know what will look best on your interior walls? What color looks best for interior trim?


If you’re looking for a color that makes a statement, gray is hard to beat. This gorgeous color is available in various shades and undertones. This color can make any room in your house shine. It’s great for making spaces feel luxuriant, modern, and sophisticated.

If you pick the right color, it can a room feel light, fresh and airy! Simply put lighter gray can make a room feel calm and relaxed.

Darker grays can work well as an accent wall color. It pops beautifully against white and will go well with other tones. If you have high ceilings or a large, airy space, a darker variation can be a great wall color to add richness to space.

Autumn Maple

If you’re looking for a quirky color that will lend coziness to your home autumn maple is a great choice. This burnt orange color makes us think of pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and all the wonderful things of fall. But it is also a gorgeous color to have around all year long.

Autumn maple works better as an accent color than as a full wall color, though if you’re feeling bold, go for it! You might want to paint a piece of statement furniture this color, or perhaps some kitchen cabinets. If you have a lot of dark wood in a room, you may want to add some autumn maple there for a perfectly cozy atmosphere.


Sage is a bit more mild-mannered than the other colors on this list, but it is no less for that. This muted green is soft and on the right side of earthy. It lends a refined, elegant liveliness to any space, and used correctly; it can make your home a sanctuary of peace.

Because sage isn’t as bold as the previous colors, it can be used much more expansively. For an antique elegance, try painting a room sage and accessorizing in ecru. Or just pull in sage notes in some accent pieces and see how much more serene space becomes.

Ocean Blue

Ocean blue strikes the perfect balance between the serenity of sage and the richness of crimson and the rest of the jewel tones. This deep, vibrant teal makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into King Triton’s realm. It’s calming and weightier than the airy beauty of sage.

If you have a large, well-lit space, you may want to go all-in and paint the whole room ocean blue. Make sure to accessorize with creams and whites to lighten things up. Or paint an accent wall in this color to bring the seascape into your home.

Ultra Violet

This color doesn’t include the word “ultra” for nothing. Ultraviolet is a bold, vibrant shade that will leave no room for doubt as to how fabulous you and your home are. The amount of ultraviolet you use in a space depends on how bold you want to be.

Ultraviolet is light enough that painting an entire room in this color won’t make it feel like a cave. Throw in some marigold accent pillows for a pop of contrast, and you have got a room that is the equivalent of a Beyonce’ dance move. If you want a subtler way to declare your power, this can also work beautifully as an accent color.


Black is a timeless color, absolutely clean and classic. It never goes out of style, and as interior design trends move on, we only find new, more amazing ways to employ black in our spaces.

Painting a whole room black will make it feel a little like a cave. But accenting a wall in flat black can instantly make the space feel chic in a way no other color can. Don’t be afraid to style the rest of the room in light colors to lean into the contrast of that accent wall.

Stone White

Like black, white is a staple in interior design that isn’t going anywhere. But bright white can be too sterile for most spaces. The perfect compromise is the warmer, softer stone white. Sherwin – Williams Creamy, Alabaster, and pure white are great examples of this.

Stone white can be used almost anywhere you want to use it. Paint the whole room white, add some stone-white furniture, and put in a few accent pieces in jewel tones, and you’ll have a room that feels like a palace. Or use stone white to offset some of the louder colors on this list, creating the perfect balance of visual weight.

Keeping up with the latest in interior design is a great way to make sure your home never gets out of date. If your space needs a refresh, these colors will keep you on the edge of cool, while making sure your home is picture-perfect. If you choose the right color, your living space could become timeless. Which color will you bring into your home?

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