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Currently Trending Kitchen Colors

Each year it seems that kitchen trends pop up to tempt us into a change in the heart of our home.

We’ve seen two-tone cabinets, natural wood worktops, and subway tiles all making waves in the world of kitchen style.

But for all these changes, for many of us, a great way to breathe new life into our kitchen is something perhaps a little less costly – a change of paint color. Be it on the walls or the cabinets, a paint job could transform your kitchen.

Let us guide you through the most popular kitchen colors so that you can make the right choice for your home.

A Word to the Wise – Kitchen Walls

Before we get into this year’s most popular choices for walls, it’s worth pointing out what they’re not – bold colors.

When you look at any spread in a glossy magazine, what you will almost never find this year are vivid colors on the walls. And this is for good reason.

In our kitchen, it’s not the walls we really want to sing. Sure, a great paint job will set the room off, but our focus tends to be on three main areas – cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

For your walls, take your cue from what’s in your kitchen. As we go through the color choices that are hot this year, we’ve given you an insight into the types of cabinetry, countertops, and tiles they complement.

This should help you pick out a shade that accentuates the kitchen itself, rather than draws attention to the walls.

White Dove

Choosing an off-white color for the walls is one of the most popular kitchen colors.

That’s because it pairs so well with muted white cabinetry, both wood and stone countertops, and both light and dark surfaces.

You want the kitchen to be a room that helps you start your day off right. If you struggle to be bright and breezy first thing on a morning, then avoid tones that are somber and will bring your mood down.

Instead, a choice like white dove creates a bright, welcoming space that will energize you, and help to get your day off to a great start.

Classic Gray

Gray is a super stylish choice that makes any home look chic and sophisticated.

It particularly pairs well with white cabinetry and can complement a range of countertops, ranging from dark granite tones to lighter quartz options.

Take care to choose a shade of gray that does not dominate the room though. Dove gray is stylish, yet classic and pairs well with many kitchen styles. It is relatively muted but has enough personality to add something to the kitchen, without dominating it.

Another benefit of using dove grey is that it can help to make a small space look larger. It is pale enough to reflect the light, rather than soaking it in.

It can also be a great idea to accent with a pop of more vivid colors, maybe on a windowsill or some shelves. If you choose to go for gray to paint your cabinets, consider a lighter wall tone so that they really pop.

Warm Tans

To complement the trend for real wood countertops, consider using a warm, muted tan color on the walls. However, on cabinets, tan tones are probably best avoided.

On the walls, they help to give some pop to real wood cabinetry and support the country cottage feel.

If you’re looking for a cozy, homely feel, then these kinds of tones are not only stylish but bring a room together. They create an inviting space that friends and family will love to visit!

Pale Blues and Greens

Keeping with the natural, soft tones that grays and tans provide, pale blues and greens – even soft yellows – can look great in many homes.

Drawing the eye into the cabinets and countertop, rather than focusing attention on the walls, they create a refreshing, cool vibe that gives the room a bright and airy feel.

Shades such as tidewater and pale powder can turn your kitchen into a calming oasis at the heart of your home. They make a fantastic choice both for walls and cabinets.

A great choice in this genre is Benjamin Moore South Beach. It’s a soft yet radiant turquoise blue. Don’t be put off by turquoise – this is definitely at the more muted end and offsets white cabinetry brilliantly.

Chartreuse Green

If you’d like to inject a pop of personality into your kitchen this year, then chartreuse green is a great way to go – either on cabinets or walls, but not on both!

While it could be considered bright, it holds enough back to not dominate the space. If you go for chartreuse green cabinets, a dove gray or white on the walls will really help them stand out. Metal hardware also sets them off perfectly.

On your walls, this pairs really well with white cabinets and either very dark or very pale countertops.

Decisions, Decisions

If you’re still feeling unsure about what’s right for your home, color consultations with your painting contractor could give you the confidence to select the right tones for your home.

The Takeaway: Popular Kitchen Colors Ideas

Currently, the overall idea is the walls provide the backdrop – let your cabinet, countertops, and appliances steal the limelight.

If you’d like to distract from them, then consider an accent wall, or a dramatic pop of color to draw the eye in and create a stylish talking point.

For most homes, popular kitchen colors are pale and neutral, bringing in light, and giving an inviting yet airy feel that is perfect for cooking up some magic and entertaining your guests.

At a Touch of Color Painting, we’re ready to advise you on the best choice for your home, and follow through with a top-quality paint job.

Click here to contact us for a no-obligation quotation today!

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