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Painters & Purchasing Quality Interior House Paints

Is the quality of interior house paint as important as exterior paint? What are the real benefits of purchasing a higher grade interior paint? Most painters suggest that using a lower grade interior paint is okay. Some painters say “it’s just the interior”!

Here, we will give you several factual reasons these interior painters are wrong.

Quality Interior Paint Advantages

Purchasing a quality interior paint will gain durability. The main concern for most homeowners is the ability to wipe walls and trim without ruining the paint finish.

The issue is painters often offer misinformation! Some house painters truly believe that simply applying a matte, eggshell, or satin finish will automatically give the washability needed. But it’s not always that easy.

There are several paints that offer these finishes and do not allow the washability that one would expect. Some interior paints simply don’t allow the ability to be abrasive even in satin or eggshell finishes. In many cases, the paint can be scrubbed off easily. Why is this so? What creates the variations in paint quality?

Quality Paints Make Quality Home Interiors

The quality of the paint resin is heavily dependent on both acrylic, and vinyl polymers, this is what makes the difference. If an interior paint has a low percentage of acrylic polymers, the paint top-coat will likely lose the characteristics that offer optimal adhesion and washability.

A quality interior trim paint is extremely important! We believe that a quality trim paint is essential to a paint manufacturer’s arsenal. Quality trim paint should retain color, not dinge or yellow quickly, retain luster longer, offer a richer sheen, harden well, adhere, level, cover, and spread well.

A tall ask, we know. It’s worth noting that paint manufactures are well capable and used a few trim paints that meet an exceed. The bottom line is interior paint yields high profits by using lower grade and less raw materials.

That’s why a quality interior trim paint is so hard to find!

Flat Paint Finishes

Flat paint finishes are not as durable but hide imperfections in walls exceptionally well. Interior flat paint is mostly clay. Clay can also be referred to as kaolin and there are several additional references. Widely, you are not going to gain washability with a higher-end flat product. It is still going to mar and scuff just like they all do.

There are a few emulsified exceptions that are labeled as flat, but they apply more like a matte finish. Duration flat is a product that offers the exception to the rule.

Low-Quality Paint

Lacking the ability to cover, you will use more paint with alow-grade interior house paint  Due to cheaper raw materials found in low-end products, they normally don’t tint the same. Meaning, your favorite color may not translate to an exact match on the walls. This is especially the case in flat finishes.

If the paint used doesn’t take colorant well, it significantly increases the chance of hat-banding as well. Hat-banding refers to the unsightly lines found where the roller has stopped near the edges of trim and ceilings.

So, choosing a professional interior painter and quality interior paint is more important than you think. Make your choices wisely! Or, call us at 919-4264928. You know you can trust us to have to latest insight and we provide the skills to complete your project with ease.

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