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Professional Painting Contractors vs Painters

Generally speaking, based on either personal experience or simply what you have heard, do painters have an outstanding reputation? Rightfully so – answering honestly and without elaborating, most homeowners, builders, and property managers would likely say no. As a consumer that is familiar with some painter’s reputation – if you overlooked the importance of conducting extensive research by not asking qualifying questions and getting the proof – what would you say your chances are of having a bad experience? Obviously, pretty likely! Right?

Our perception of Contracting

Contracting is not conducted very often. Or, is it? What about your internet or television provider? How about a restaurant? Are we not contracting a service? Other than hunger, the attraction of the food, or the ambiance – ask yourself, what inspired enough interest for you to check that particular restaurant out? Maybe it was word of mouth, good reviews, a good sanitation score, a clean atmosphere, the professional service, the quality of the food, maybe being close by or locally sourced food also helped? While you were considering all these factors – little did you know – you were qualifying and researching before you chose to give that particular restaurant your business. Most dinners cost under $50 per person. Why wouldn’t we take the additional steps needed to qualify our potential contractors for projects that typically cost much more??


What is the definition of a painter? Is it someone that can simply pick up a brush? Perhaps a painter is someone that climbs ladders while applying paint for a living? An experienced painter may have a few larger tools and own what appears to be a paint van/truck. In many cases, a painter maybe a college student or older person doing a few projects during the summer, on the side, weekend work, or attempting to paint a few local homes for extra cash? Maybe this describes exactly what you are looking for? Or, does it sound like something you want no part of? Chances are, if you seek quality, you would likely not hire this person – right? You may ask – what’s the difference? A painter is a painter! Right?

Painting Contractors

  • Painting contractors are very different from painters. A painting contractor has the ability to remove all risks and responsibilities from a potential client.
  • Carrying both general liability and workers compensation policies is just the start of how a painter and painting contractors differ. These policies will cover personal injury and any accidental or consequential damages.
  • A contractor should remove any uncertainty regarding the level of quality and craftsmanship, with the ability to share their work.
  • You no longer have to purchase any materials or rent equipment – which is great! Having a contractor purchase the paint will eliminate the possibility of a bad paint dispute. Meaning, in the event that wrong or bad paint was purchased, it is now between the contractor and local supplier – not you!


Professional Painting Contractors Indicators

  • Comprehensive Fully Warranted work
  • A proven history of experience
  • Obtain the best tools for the job
  • Offer the highest level of proven quality
  • Offer concise answers to all procedures
  • Extensive product knowledge & Application Methods
  • Full-service painter, no limitations for work within their title
  • Offer trust and a level of comfort that is unmatched through clear communications
  • Offers a comprehensive website with the ability for a customer to conduct any research needed, all in one place.
  • Offering proven systems that are tailored to your needs will make the process less invasive.
  • A contractor has also interviewed, qualified, and put the proper personnel in place to conduct the work professionally and efficiently. With a long-standing system, he/she understands the chemistry of the team and their abilities.


Generally speaking, in order to be considered a contractor, there are standards and minimum requirements that must be met. But a professional painting contractor provides so much more than what’s standard! As customers, it can be hard to come to terms with or articulate exactly what it is that we are looking for. In many cases, we are simply not well researched or informed enough to make the best decisions based on our needs. But you really can’t afford to contract the wrong company. Not doing your homework may leave you under the assumption that you have hired a painting contractor when in reality you have just hired a painter. When you hire just a painter, you as the homeowner have taken all responsibilities of a contractor. Now all the responsibilities, liability, and management is on you!

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