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Pro-Mar 200 Interior Home Paint by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Promar 200 interior house paint offers a new price point for homeowners and interior painters. Promar 200 has now gone from a regional interior paint to a national product. Promar 200 also contains a wide variety of colors and offers a zero VOC option.

Here we offer the application details that will reveal how this product has improved performance.


A Touch of Color Painting finds Promar 200 (zero VOC) to apply nicely for an entry-level product. Our painters find it to be, “descent interior wall paint”. Maybe the new formula did help somehow!

Overall it is a good product! It seems to spread better and spatter less. We noticed the flat finish seemed to contain less clay. We also found it harder to clean our brushes, which demonstrated improved adhesion.

We are not equally convinced with the semi-gloss finish, used for interior trim. The finish was dull and didn’t cover exceptionally well. This interior paint wouldn’t be recommended for the trim when considering durability and luster retention.

However, we were shocked at how Promar 200 dried quickly, (like most zero VOC paint) but still leveled nicely. This product is great for customers that are price-conscious. Perhaps a combination of this product for the walls and an upgraded trim paint could be an ideal, budget-friendly materials order.


Most interior painting contractors here in Raleigh, NC are quoting this product. A Touch of Color usually uses higher grade products but with this one we were impressed!

For interior commercial painting, rental homes, and homes that contain light usage, Promar should be a consideration. Just also know that if you want a premium interior paint with added durability Promar 200 is not the ideal product.

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